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Espro Press - Best French Press Buying Guide

Espro Press - French Press Buying Guide

If, after reading our guide, you still have questions about what the Espro Press is and what it can do for you, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at: hi@frenchpresscoffee.com or call us (505) 750-1144 or Contact us


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Using a French Press device is one of the best ways to enjoy cup after cup of delicious coffee. Though choosing the right kind of Coffee Press for your needs can be a somewhat difficult task.

To help you in your endeavor, our team of experts has tried some of the best coffee presses to bring you an informed guide to the devices that suit your needs. Our first feature in this service is the Espro Press.

At FrenchPressCoffee.com we're committed to helping you in all areas of your coffee journey.

Whether you want to learn more about making your own French Press Coffee and reducing your dependency on costly trips to the coffee bar or cafe every day, or you're an expert level coffee aficionado that could rival the top baristas, we have the information and products you need to fully explore your love of coffee.

Enjoy your coffee, FrenchPressCoffee.com Team

Why Choose An Espro Press?

An Espro Press is a great choice for anyone, both coffee novices and pros alike. It offers one of the best ways to deliver grit-free French Press style coffee in minutes.

The press allows for the complete saturation of the coffee and oils, so that you have a smooth and full-bodied flavor every single time. With Espro's special paper filters, you can enjoy clean cups of coffee that are a real benefit for drip or pour over coffee lovers.

The press brings out all the flavors you love if you were using a French Press, giving you the ability to enjoy your coffee the way it is meant to be consumed.

TIP: This special method of brewing doesn't just stop at coffee either. It is also great for making other drinks, such as loose-leaf teas, cold brews, tonic water, and other beverages.

Espro Press vs French Press

Espro Press vs French Press

While it is a coffee pressing device, the Espro Press is different to the traditional French Press in the way it handles your beans and roast or your tea leaves, for brewing up coffee or teas.

A traditional French Press Coffee Maker uses hot water and a mesh filter to plunge down your coffee grinds to deliver a warm cup of your favorite beverage. Yet because the grinds are kept in the press they can seep through some of the mesh filter, causing a gritter cup of coffee.

If you let your coffee sit too long in the plunged French Press it will also turn bitter.

The Espro French Press is unique in how it utilizes two clever innovations to create a perfect brewing environment.

  • First, the Espro Press has a special double micro-filter which provides a deeper, more distinct flavor without the leftover mess and grinds of a traditional French press.
  • Second, the design of the Espro Press and its filters prohibits the over-extracted coffee or tea from seeping into your beverage once the plunger is pushed down. This helps to keep the bitterness out of your drink, leaving behind only the smooth and bold taste of your coffee or tea.

(Expert's comment: The nuanced flavors of an Espro coffee press are clearer than a traditional pressed pot of coffee. The Espro can produce a buttery, silky, more robust taste without the grit, that is favored by many) 

Which Espro Coffee Press Is Right For You?

ESPRO P3 vs P5 vs P7 vs TRAVEL

If you're set on the benefits of an Espro Press you still need to decide which model is right for you. The brand offers a number of different types each with different features and benefits.

Which Espro Coffee Press Is Right For You?

ESPRO P7 (from $99.95)

The Espro Press P7 is a stainless steel, insulated, French Press style coffee maker.

The P7 features durable construction and is glass-free so you don't have to worry about chipping or breaking it.

Its filters are all BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free so you can enjoy without worry. It's also top rack dishwasher safe or can be hand washed with a bottle brush.

Available in both medium and large models, in either brushed or polished stainless steel, the Espro Press P7 brews coffee like a French Press, but with one extraordinary feature: its micro-filters.

This special micro-filter extracts your coffee twice from the grinds that you don't want to drink.

The device's double lip seal prevents grinds from sneaking out past the micro-filters and incorporates a buffer between the filters to prevent over-extraction in your brewing.

The P7 (original Espro Press) can brew up your coffee in less than three minutes, once you pre-heated the container and added your ground coffee and water.

You can then sit back and enjoy your beverage without any of the mud or grit that escapes from the normal brewing process.


  • Durable construction (no glass to worry about breaking) makes it travel-friendly
  • Prevents over-extraction after brewing
  • Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe or hand wash with bottle brush
Espro P7


Espro Press P7 - Stainless Steel, Double Wall, Micro Coffee Filter (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

SIZE 18 oz, Polished 18 oz, Brushed 32 oz, Polished 32 oz, Brushed 18 oz, Polished 18 oz, Brushed 32 oz, Polished 32 oz, Brushed Add to cart$ 119.95

ESPRO P5 (from $59.95)

The Espro Press P5 is a coffee maker with a thick and durable glass carafe, stainless steel cage and Safety lock.

For all its special features, the Espro Press P5 was honored with the Best New Piece of Consumer Equipment award at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo (SCAA) in 2016.

It's available in both medium and large size models with a choice of stylish finishes in either stainless steel or copper finish.

One of the device's key features is a trademarked safety lock which fully secures the thick Schoot Duran glass carafe inside the stainless steel cage.

This makes it safer and easier to use than other French press devices on the market. This also prevents slippage while pouring.

While the glass carafe is more temperature resistant than other glass and is 40 percent thicker so that it keeps coffee and tea hotter for longer.

The P5 incorporates Espro's famous coffee plunger feature and two micro-filter system for the superior brewing of coffee and tea.

This allows you to enjoy cups of your favorite beverage exactly how you like it, without the unwanted grit.

The device comes with specialty Espro coffee and tea filters that include a coffee micro-filter, a tea mico-filter, and paper coffee filters.

The P5 filters push your coffee grinds or tea leaves down into the closed, isolated compartment and brewing is stopped so you beverage doesn't risk over-extraction.


  • 2016 BEST NEW PRODUCT WINNER (2016 by Specialty Coffee Association of America)
  • THICK & DURABLE GLASS ( 40 percent thicker than French Press carafe glass)
  • Safety lock secures the carafe and prevents accidental breakage of the carafe during pouring or cleaning
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN Stainless Steel or Copper finish


Espro Press P5


Espro P5 - Durable Schott-Duran Glass, Coffee Micro Filter, 32 oz. (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

Default Title Add to cart$ 69.95

ESPRO P3 (from $39.95)

The Espro Press P3 offers much of the same functionality of the P7 and P5, but with a plastic cage as a more versatile and economical option.

The coffee press has the same dual mico-filter function as the original Espro Press P7 model and it incorporates the same premium German-made Schott Duran glass carafe and cage safety locking mechanism as the P5.

What's changed is the sleek plastic cage that surrounds the P3's glass carafe is more durable and easier to care for than the steel or copper of the other models

The P3's coffee press uses Espro's patented coffee micro-filter and tea micro-filter with the option of paper coffee filters for the pour over coffee taste.

The safety locking feature keeps the glass carafe safe inside the plastic cage, you can even flip the device over and shake while it's full without losing any liquid.

For those looking for the standout features of an Espro press with a beginner's introduction to the market than the P3 is for you.


  • THICK & DURABLE GLASS ( 40 percent thicker than French Press carafe glass)
  • Safety lock secures the carafe and prevents accidental breakage of the carafe during pouring or cleaning
Espro Press P3


Espro Press P3 - Durable Schott-Duran Glass Carafe, 32 oz. (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

Default Title Unavailable$ 39.95

ESPRO TRAVEL PRESS (from $34.95)

The Espro Travel Press is a durable, stainless steel device that acts like a travel French press mug for people on the move.

It packs the same great features of the other Espro models into a handy, streamlined container that is perfect for traveling.

You can choose from three different brewing methods: pressed coffee, pressed tea, or pour over coffee.

The Espro Travel press has a patented filtration system that stops extraction as soon as you push down, this saves you from having to experience a bitter, over-extracted cup of coffee.

It's also easy to whip up a cup of your favorite beverage whenever you crave it.

The device is enhanced by its ultra-clean method of brewing mud and grind-free coffee. It's double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel container keeps your beverages hot and fresh for longer, for up to six hours in any environment.

While it is lightweight and sturdy enough to tackle any journey, especially when combined with the Espro French press travel mug. It also comes in various different color combinations: brushed, black, and white and etc., so you can choose the style that suits you.

The device even won the Best New Product award back in 2015 at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo.


  • TRAVEL COFFEE, TEA MAKER: Brew coffee or tea on the go
  • DURABLE - Double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel
  • HOT FOR UP TO 6 HOURS - Keeps your coffee or tea hot no matter where you are
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Available in multiple colors


Travel Press


Espro Travel Coffee Press, 12 oz with Coffee Filter (EXCLUSIVE: Complimentary Coffee Stir Paddle)

FINISH Brushed Grey White Black Brushed Grey White Black Add to cart$ 44.95


How to select the size of your Espro Press?

(NOTE: Espro French presses come in different sizes 18 oz. and 32 oz., so it's important to understand how much coffee you drink or how many cups you want your device to brew in order to select the model that works best for you.)

French press cups are usually smaller than the traditional coffee mug, producing four ounces for the traditional eight-ounce coffee mug.

Espro Press P7, P5, and P3 models come in both medium 18-ounce and large 32-ounce sizes; with the medium producing 1.5 to 2 US cups of coffee, and the large producing 3 to 4 US cups of coffee.

The Espro Travel Press is available in a size that produces eight-ounces of coffee or 10-ounces of tea. 

Espro Filter Difference

All Espro models are unique in their patented dual coffee micro-filters.

The dual step filtration process uses a fine mesh screen that filters the coffee as it is poured and allows the liquid to pass through the grounds without holding any of them, it's then pushed through an even finer mesh with the plunger apparatus to thoroughly filter your beverage for the ultimate clean and smooth cup.

Because of its innovative design, some coffee stays behind the filter, but this helps to prevent your brew from becoming over-extracted and bitter.

If you're a big tea drinker as well, Espro also offers an optional tea microfilter that works to produce exceptional loose leaf teas.

For pour over or drip style coffee fans, you can also use Espro's optional paper filters for a fresh cup of coffee.

When you need to replace anything, an Espro Press replacement filter is easy to fix.


Safety Features

Espro Presses have a number of notable safety features to keep you in top shape to enjoy your beverage.

  • The Espro P7 features a stainless steel double walled design which is well known for retaining heat in an optimal way. With this model, you don't have to worry about burning your fingers or cracking the glass of a hot device.
  • Espro P5 and P3 models use a thicker, high-quality glass and a special locking safety mechanism to protect the glass carafe and prevent unwanted spills or breakages.

(NOTE: Pre-heating your Espro Press with hot water before brewing will help keep your coffee hotter for longer and produce a better flavor.)


How To Clean An Espro Press

  • Regularly cleaning you Espro Press keeps it in tip-top shape for everyday use. Espro offers the Deep Clean product that can remove coffee, tea, and milk solids from your device without any scrubbing. This is formulated especially for the etched and woven microfilters of the Espro press.
  • For a monthly deep clean the Deep Clean product removes the tiny particles of coffee and tea that can cling to your filter and hinder your device's performance. It also removes old oils or tastes and brings back the original taste and aroma of your coffee or tea.
  • Daily clean up is also easy with an Espro Press, simply remove and disassemble the press before brushing it with soap, rinsing, and reassembling it.
Deep Clean

ESPRO DEEP CLEAN Cleanser for French Press Filter Mesh Screens

Default Title Add to cart$ 15.95

Espro Press Accessories and Replacement Parts

Should you ever need some Espro replacement filters or paper filters, Deep Clean, or a replacement carafe FrenchPressCoffee.com has you covered as we are an authorized seller.

You don't have to worry about spending time searching for replacements as help is just a click away.

Espro Paper Replacement Filters set of 100

View product $ 9.95


Espro Replacement


Espro Replacement Glass Carafe for Espro P3, P5

View product $ 22.95

How to use Espro Press


Hot Coffee Recipe For a hot coffee, start by pre-heating both your mug and carafe by pouring boiling water into it.

Then measure out your coffee, grind your beans, and bring your water to a boil. Empty the warmed water from the carafe before pouring your measured grounds into it.

Add your hot water to the carafe and stir before placing the lid with the plunger up over the top to let it brew.

Most French press devices brew in four minutes. Once it's brewed, slowly but firmly press down on the plunger. Then enjoy your delicious cup.


  • 7 g. coarsely ground coffee to 4 oz. (118 ml) of water

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe A cold brewed coffee is easy at home, too. Just start with ground coffee and cold water.

Dump your ground coffee into your Espro Press and add in cold or room temperature water before stirring to mix.

Put the lid on with the plunger up before popping it into your refrigerator overnight to brew (up to 24 hours). In the morning, or several hours later, simply press down on the plunger gently and pour into a mug or cup for some tasty cold brew coffee.

INGREDIENTS (32 oz. Espro Press):

  • 1 cups of coarsely ground coffee to 3 cups of water

Hot Tea Recipe The Espro Press is also great at making hot tea. Pre-warm your press and your mug as you would if you were making hot coffee.

Measure your tea into the Espro Press and then pour hot water into it to allow it to steep according to the type of tea you're making.

Once your tea is done steeping, just press down on the plunger and pour your beverage into a cup or mug to enjoy.

Steeping time reference: TEA TYPE WATER TEMP STEEP TIME WHITE 175-185 F (80-85 C)

1-3 MINUTES GREEN 180-185 F (82-85 C)

2-3 MINUTES BLACK 200-205 F (93-96 C)


3 MINUTES OOLONG 185-205 F (85-96 C)

3-5 MINUTES HERBAL 205 F (96 C) 

Warranty And Insurance

Espro is committed to your lifetime enjoyment of their presses. They offer a one-year, no-nonsense warranty to protect your press from any damage or breakage.

As an added bonus, FrenchPressCoffee.com also offers insurance against accidental breaks with special coffee press models.

This free insurance covers any damage or breakage that is the result of wear and tear throughout the lifetime of your product. If your device breaks, cracks, or becomes damaged we'll help you replace it with half off the price of your original model, excluding shipping and handling.

You can rest assured that you're not only getting the best French press coffee maker on the market, but you're protected in your daily use.

Learn about our Insurance

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