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ESPRO Press - Brew a cleaner, tastier cup of French Press Coffee

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Espro French Press for Sale

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ESPRO Press French Press Coffee Maker with Free Stir Paddle and Scoop (Exclusive offer). Shop Espro Press P7, P5, P3 and Espro Travel Press. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

Espro Press P5 Review by David Leach

.... Nothing was as good as the Espro Press. None. I can now honestly say that the best coffee I have ever enjoyed was made by me for me with my Espro Press. It is elegant, simple, and I find it worthy as a decorative element in my kitchen. More to the point it is excellent for everybody. Are you a dump and pour type of coffee drinker? Espro Press is for you. Are you a fancy pants barista, or wanna-be barista? Espro Press is gives you perpetration options like no other. It solves so many problems and gives you all the choices. Clean up is a rinse. Want a filter? Go right ahead. I have found it handles a wide variety of grinds with zero issues. It offers that full bodied rich French Press style with no grit and all the flavor. I can also speak directly to the Customer Service element of this product. My press had a little bump - a burr. Probably an artifact from the mold. I didn't know if it would matter. I contacted customer service to ask. I immediately was contact by the CEO Igor Dernov. He sent me a replacement part with no hesitation and zero questions. In the intervening months I have come to realize that the little bump wouldn't have mattered. I am sure Mr. Dernov knew that as well. Still he responded with an entirely new part. I was impressed with the product and now I am equally impressed with the company and its Founder. After a long period of evaluation I now use only the Espro Press. 100% recommendation.  Read full review here »


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