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Bodum French Press Coffee makersSmall Coffee Canister 

Holds up to 11 ounces (315 g) of coffee

Bodum French Press Replacement Parts, Spare PartsMedium Coffee Canister

Holds up to 16 ounces (450 g.) of coffee

Bodum Electric KettlesLarge Coffee Canister

Holds up to 2.5 lb (1000 g.) of coffee



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Coffee Storage Canister

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Best Airtight Coffee Storage Canister

"One of the secret weapons of a professional barista is fresh coffee that is properly stored in an airtight Coffee Storage Canister"

Coffee is loved across the world, but there are very few people who know how to properly store it. An airtight coffee canister can extend the life of your beans, which is essential to protecting very delicate flavors. 

Otherwise, you may be stuck buying a completely new stock because you are not able to drink everything that you bought in the previous one.

Best Airtight Coffee Canisters of the Year | Top Picks

Airscape Coffee Storage - Protect your Coffee Beans

EXCEPTIONAL FOR: Coffee Beans, Green Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Dry Food, Grains and more

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Ceramic

CAPACITY: 32 oz. (0.5 lb. coffee beans), 64 oz. (1 lb. coffee beans), Airscape Kilo (2.5 lb. coffee beans)

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Hario Bona Enamel Coffee Canister

GREAT FOR: Coffee Beans, Green Coffee, Ground Coffee, Flour, Food, Grains, Loose Teas and more

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel (Enamel coating)

CAPACITY: 200 g. (holds 7 oz. of whole bean coffee)

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The packaging that coffee comes in usually does not do the job, even the fancy packaging of high quality beans.

It is also very important to store beans in airtight coffee canisters that are taste neutral.

Using the wrong material creates an environment in which the container may literally suck the flavor out of the coffee beans in it.

Airscape Airtight Coffee Canister vs Atmos Vacuum Canister

What Are the Best Airtight Coffee Canisters for Keeping Coffee Extra Fresh?

If placed in air, light or moisture, coffee beans begin to lose flavor almost immediately. They also lose flavor after being roasted. The packaging that your coffee comes in is not ideal, as it lets in all three of these detrimental elements.

When you place your coffee beans in an airtight coffee canisters, you protect them from the oxygen in the air that steals their flavor.

It is always preferable to segment your beans into smaller portions before you get the ready to brew. The fresher your brew is when you start, the better it will be once you set the beans into liquid and create your roast.

Getting this right with a high quality airtight canister is essential. If you are not familiar with these kinds of canisters and food storage, we have listed the three best products this year to ensure that you make the best decision for your coffee.

Airscape Coffee Canister (Staff Pick) 


  • Great design with many failsafe's for people in a hurry
  • Made of taste neutral stainless steel to ensure the flavor stays with your coffee
  • Great looking canister, available in ceramic color as well
  • Great for Food as well


  • Clear lid doesn't fit snug sometimes

The Airscape Coffee Canisters provides state of the art storage with taste neutral stainless steel protecting your coffee.

The design of the Airscape Coffee Canister combines a double top with a twistable handle to ensure that you have the best airtight seal possible. It is difficult to make a mistake when you have this many protections in place.

You also gain a beautiful design that fits well with the décor of any kitchen. Your friends will marvel at the aerodynamic design, and you will never have to worry about an eyesore when you get your coffee for the day.

Most importantly, the taste of your coffee is preserved no matter what kid of beans you have. You can use this canister for any type of roast and any size of bean without losing out on any of the quality.



Airscape Stainless Steel Canister, 7" Medium, Holds up to 1 lb Coffee Beans

Hario Bona Enamel Coffee Canister


  • Enamel Coating
  • Beautiful and practical


  • Small, Not available in larger sizes


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