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Wide Selection of Replacement Parts for Cafetière. 
Find genuine replacement parts along with great support. 

How do you assemble your Coffee Press, you ask? Follow these quick and easy steps and enjoy a cup of hot, fresh coffee as soon as possible!


 Brew with French Press

Brew with French Press

Making coffee in a Press Pot process may seem unfamiliar at first, we will walk you through the basic steps to creating the best coffee you have ever tasted.

TIP: Try our Coffee to Water Brewing Ratio Calculator for French Press.

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The Perfect Grind Size For AeroPress and Coffee Plunger

Using a french press, AeroPress, or some other manual coffee maker? If so, you should know this easy trick that’ll improve your coffee’s flavor and balance overnight.

Coffee grounds - they don’t all work the same, and each brewer works best with a different size.

To help you take advantage of this easy win, we’ve created a quick guide on how you can pair your brewer with a grind size that enhances your coffee in every way.

· Bitter coffee? No more
·  Sour coffee? Nope.

· Perfectly well-rounded and tasty coffee? Every time. Learn the trick for yourself - your taste buds will thank you!

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 Best Coffee Grinder for French Press


Use the appropriate grind for a French Press. A coarse grind is best. If it is too fine, it will produce a bitter tasting brew. If it is too coarse, the coffee will taste weak. Experiment with your grinder to find the ideal grind size for your preference.

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How To Find The Best Coffee Beans In The World

What beans do you use to make your daily mug of coffee? Do they match these 3 standards for the world’s best coffee?

· Specialty-grade
· Freshly roasted
· Light to dark roast (but not too dark)

We show you exactly how to identify the world’s best coffee beans that are full of rich and exotic flavors (and avoid the low-grade beans that’ll leave you unsatisfied).

Your daily brew’s about to get a lot tastier.

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 Coffee Canisters for better Coffee

What is the best coffee for french press?

Spoiler: Freshly roasted high quality coffee beans are the best.
We offer coffee beans that have been roasted within 3-5 days before your purchase. If you are able to roast your own beans, this is ideal but coffee storage also plays important role in the  freshness of the coffee. We carry airtight coffee storage that keeps your beans as fresh as possible. 



Whether you want an Coffee Grinder, Kettle or Coffee Storage - has the best coffee tools that will be the first step in getting the cup of french press coffee that you want.



The Best Coffee To Water Ratios For Balance And Flavor

You deserve to love every single mug of coffee you make, but we all know that’s not always the reality. Sometimes your coffee’s just not quite as balanced as it should be.

Let’s fix that.

The key is to learn exactly how much coffee and water to use - and it’s easy to do. In this blog on coffee and water ratios, you’ll discover…

· Why you NEED to use specific ratios if you want balanced coffee
· How you can calculate those ratios without much effort
· How to actually measure your coffee and water easily and accurately

We want to empower you to make better coffee, and this is one of our best tricks for enhancing your daily mug. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference starting tomorrow.

Learn The Best Coffee Ratios Here »


Try our Coffee to Water Brewing Ratio Calculator Here »

3 of Our Favorite French Press Coffee Recipe’s Ever

You love a mug of classic french press coffee, but did you know there are two other kinds of coffee you can make with the same brewer? Yup, your french press is actually a 3-in-1 coffee maker! 

And you should know how to maximize its value so you can extract the most benefits from it. That’s why we’ve created this blog: 3 Ways To Make Coffee In A French Press. In it you’ll learn… 

- Our recipe for classic hot coffee
- How to make newly popular cold brew coffee
- How to make traditional iced coffee

You’re about to fall even more in love with your french press.

Explore The 3 French Press Recipe's »