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Bestselling French Press Coffee Makers

It’s no surprise that the staff here at French Press Coffee are enormous fans of the french press. 

Our staff is made up of many different types of coffee lovers from all walks of life, but if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that we believe wholeheartedly in the products we sell. 

And although we are all french press lovers over here, we differ in opinion on the best french press coffee makers. After much discussion, we’ve come up with our Bestselling picks for the best french press.

Espro Press P7

Espro Press P7

The Espro P7 is a popular pick for best french press among not only our staff but our customers as well. Espro is known for revolutionizing the structure of the french press by adding a double-micro coffee filter that leaves out the gritty grime we are so accustomed to with a french press coffee pot. 

In an ordinary french press coffee maker, you’ll find coffee “sludge” at the bottom of your press and cup, which is made from the hot water and leftover coffee grounds that escape through the mesh filter. 

Although this coffee sludge is to thank for many of the bold flavors associated with the french press, a lot of people would choose to leave it behind to have a smoother, cleaner cup of coffee. 

Espro has patented their “double micro-filter,” which is essentially a basket filter with an added layer. This provides a stricter filtration process compared to the single disk-shaped mesh filter found on an ordinary french press coffee maker. 

Espro has released three models of the Espro Press: the P3, P5, and P7, with the Espro Press P7 as their newest product. Each one has advanced slightly beyond its predecessor, and the P7 is a popular french press for good reason. 

The Espro P7 Press is made up entirely of stainless steel, which is different from the previous two Espro models that were made of glass. The stainless steel not only makes the P7 more durable and travel-friendly, but the insulation keeps your coffee much warmer over a longer period of time. 

For all of these reasons, the Espro P7 is one of our top choices for Best French Press Coffee Maker.

Frieling French Press

Frieling French Press

The Frieling French Press is a constant, steady favorite for french press lovers, and this is its second year in a row on the list of Staff Picks for Best French Press. The double wall stainless steel press pot is an excellent choice.

Like the Espro, the Frieling was also designed to leave behind the grimey coffee sludge. The way it filters is similar to the Espro in that it provides a double filtration system with a “pre-filter” followed by a mesh filter. 

The pre-filter helps in keeping out the muddy oils that usually slip through a single-filtration system.

The Frieling is made of 18/10 stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to breaking. It is another great option for traveling with a french press because you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking if it’s dropped. 

You can choose from a “mirror” and “polish” finish, with mirror being much more shiny and reflective, and the polish look having a bit of a cloudier tone. 

Another convenient selling point for choosing the Frieling as the best french press is the range of sizes available. In both finishes, you can choose from 8 oz, 17 oz, 23 oz, 36 oz, or a whopping 44 oz. 

These sizes set the Frieling apart because most people aren’t used to having such versatile options with the french press. All of these awesome qualities of the Frieling French Press make in an excellent choice for one our Best French Press Coffee Makers.

Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is popular, yet slightly understated coffee maker. Because of its usability, mobility, and capability of delivering delicious flavors, the Clever Dripper is one of the staff picks for best french press this year. 

The Clever Dripper resembles a V60 pour over or a chemex, but it functions like a french press. The device is set up so that if it sits flat on the counter, you can pour water and it will be held in. 

If you place the dripper over a cup, the sides of the cup will press down on the levers and release the liquid that has been sitting in the top. This is the key to how it functions.

You’ll need V60 filters that you’d use for a pour over. Place the Clever Dripper flat on the counter so that the lever is closed. Then after wetting the filter, you can put the grounds in and add hot water. 

Let the grounds sit in the hot water for 1 ½ minutes. This is where the Clever Dripper closely resembles the french press. After the coffee has had time to brew, place the dripper over your favorite coffee mug and release the coffee through the filter. 

The Clever Dripper is a great choice for best french press because it’s easy to use and simple to travel with.


Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aeropress has been featured in our list of Best One Cup French Presses as well as the Best Coffee Travel Gear Guide. It is a staff favorite and beloved coffee maker among craft coffee aficionados. 

The Aeropress is a staff pick for best french press because of its durability, size, and capabilities. Although its appearance may not be too impressive, it is capable of yielding coffee of incredible quality and flavor. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Aeropress is how easy it is to take it on the road. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s made of durable, BPA-free plastic and comes with its own traveling case that fits the Aeropress and all of its parts. 

You can choose from either a mesh screen filter or a paper filter when making Aeropress coffee.

The Aeropress is easy to use and versatile. You can choose from either the original or inverted method, both of which make a deliciously bold and smooth flavor. Some people also love to make a more concentrated Aeropress coffee to drink as espresso.

It may take some practice and experimenting to find which Aeropress recipe works for you, but there are many different ways to enjoy Aeropress coffee maker.

Bodum Chambord

Bodum Chambord French Press

The Bodum Chambord is the perfect representation of what we love about the classic style french press, you can find it as one of our top picks on our list of Best One Cup French Presses and is overall one of the best french press coffee makers.

With the Bodum Chambord, you can enjoy the bold, robust flavors of your favorite coffee while you dream about sipping on your coffee in a quaint french cafe. 

Its appearance is sleek and classic, with a framing made of chrome and steel and a carafe made of durable glass. 

Bodum makes it a point to include only environmentally-friendly materials in their products, which allows the consumer to have peace of mind as they enjoy their coffee. 

Bodum’s products are built to last over many years, but if you drop or break your glass carafe, we’ll send you a replacement glass for an affordable price. We want you to still be able to enjoy the beauty of a glass french press.

The Bodum Chambord comes in a 4-cup, 8-cup, and 12-cup options, which allow you to purchase yours based on whether you want to share or enjoy your french press coffee in peace and quiet.

Our favorite French Presses for Travel or Camping

As you can see, these coffee makers made it on our list of Staff Picks for Best French Press for good reason. Although we know that every single one of our products is well-made and of high quality, we definitely have our favorites. 

We also have our favorite french presses for specific categories, such as best french press for travel, or best french press under $50. Here are some categories that we think are important to consider:

Best French Press for Travel

The Aeropress coffee maker is absolutely the best french press for travel. It is lightweight, durable, and comes with its own travel case!

The entire thing is made of BPA-free plastic, unlike the french presses that are made from glass or stainless steel. This makes it light and gives you the peace of mind that it won’t break when you stuff it into your suitcase!

The Aeropress is also the best french press for travel because it is so small, yet makes such delicious coffee. You can pull the two cylindrical pieces apart and pack them together in the travel case. And you never have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Best French Press for Camping

For many of the same reasons, the Aeropress is also the best french press for camping. The lightweight and durable design that make it good for traveling also make it good for campsite coffee in the morning!

And in addition, it’s extremely easy to clean. The plastic is easy to rinse and does not collect too much coffee oil residue, so you won’t need to deep clean it after every use.

It also dries quickly, so when you’re done making coffee for your campsite buddies, just rinse, let it dry for a few minutes, and pack it up with the rest of your gear.

Best Sellers in Coffee Presses

Best French Press Brand

It’s hard to choose just one best french press brand. We love our products, and we are fortunate enough to carry the best french press brands on the market.

Frieling consistently makes beautiful, classic, durable french press coffee makers, which is why their french press has been on our list of best french presses for two years in a row.

Espro is the most innovative french press brand. The Espro P3, P5, and P7 have all revolutionized the way we enjoy our french press coffee in the morning. With their patented double-filter design, they’re an easy choice for one of the best french press brands to look out for.

Best Large French Press

Our pick for the best large french press is the Bodum Chambord. This is one of our favorite french presses because of its classic design and the variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

You can enjoy a smaller Bodum french press with the 4-cup if you’re looking to just make coffee for you and a friend. Or, if you’re hosting a morning book club, the 8-cup Bodum is a great choice. 

But sometimes, you need an even larger coffee maker. The Bodum Chambord comes in a 12-cup option (51 ounces), and it doesn’t lose its quality or aesthetic in the process. This is why it’s our favorite choice for Best Large French Press.

The runner-up for the Best Large French Press would be the Frieling. It also comes in a variety of sizes, with the largest option being 44 ounces. 

The durability of the Frieling french press is great for holding larger amounts of coffee and keeping it hot for a while.

Best French Press for Tea

The Espro Press is the best french press for tea. If you’re getting tired of drinking coffee in the morning, or looking for a way to drink less caffeine but still enjoy something warm and cozy before you start your day, you can try steeping loose leaf tea in an Espro P7.

The Espro is the best french press for tea because of its design. The double-filter basket design is built to filter more than the average french press. 

And, the Espro P7 specifically comes with an attachable basket for tea only. It filters out even the smallest tea leaf particles, leaving you with smooth, freshly brewed tea.

You can use the Espro Press to brew hot or iced tea as well. For iced tea over the hot summer months, just attach the tea filter basket, and brew your tea extra concentrated. Then, add ice. 

If you’re looking for the best french press for tea so you can add something new to your morning routine or evening hours before bed, try using the Espro P7 to make a delicious cup of loose leaf tea.

Best French Press for Cold Brew

When choosing the best french press for cold brew, there are a few things to consider. It’s hard to choose one specific french press, but you’ll want to make sure it is durable, easy to clean, and at least 8 cups.

For our cold brew coffee recipe, you’ll need a french press that holds about 8-cups of water. We recommend the Frieling French Press or Bodum Chambord French Press, since these both come in larger sizes.

Since our recipe requires 2 cups of coarsely ground coffee and 3 cups of water, it’s best to have a french press that holds more space. 

It’s also important to make sure that you trust the durability of your french press. This is because you’ll steep your cold brew for over 24 hours, and you’ll want the peace of mind that nothing will break.

So, when choosing the best french press for cold brew, try the Frieling or Bodum Chambord to ensure good quality, durability, and large volume. 

Best French Press for the Money

In our opinion, the best french press for the money is the Bodum Chambord French Press. It’s priced at only $36.99, and that price includes the bamboo stirring stick.

You can purchase the Bodum Chambord as a 4-cup, 8-cup, or 12-cup coffee maker. This variety of size and volume gives the coffee user a chance to perfectly craft their coffee making experience to resemble exactly what they want, all for an amazing price.

The Bodum Chambord is the best french press for the money because at such a low price, it is still a classically designed, high-quality french press coffee maker. Bodum Chambord users agree that it has always been a reliable french press.

Bodum Chambord french press is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy good quality coffee in your home.

Best French Press Under $50

The best french press under $50 would either be the Bodum Chambord or the Aeropress, depending on how you’re going to use your coffee maker.

If you’re going to be traveling a lot, or taking coffee with you on the go, the Aeropress is the best french press under $50 for your lifestyle. The Aeropress allows you to bring it with you everywhere without any care in the world, so you can still enjoy quality coffee wherever you are.

The Bodum Chambord on the other hand is not for travel use. It is made of glass and a bit larger than the Aeropress, so it’s the best french press under $50 for countertops home brewing.

We hope this list of Staff Picks for Best French Press has been helpful to you in your coffee endeavors!

If you’re ready to buy a french press, Check out our store to find your favorite one, and head to our blog to learn all that you need to know about how to brew an amazing cup of french press coffee.

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