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Clever Coffee Dripper, Large (18 oz.) - Full Immersion Coffee Dripper

Product Description

The Clever Dripper set gives you all of the options that you need to create a full brew, with full immersion that is great for single serve coffee. As a completely mobile, lightweight and durable brewing option, the Coffee Dripper is wonderful to take on trips. You get good extraction of the flavor of your chosen beans, and the cone paper coffee filters (#2 for Small and #4 for Large) that are used with Clever Dripper are relatively easy to find wherever you go.

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Clever Coffee Dripper Review + Pros and Cons You Need to Know

EASY TO BREW and CLEAN: The Clever Coffee Dripper is a forgiving experience for coffee lovers who are new to non-traditional method of brewing coffee. You get an easy, affordable way to get a better brew with less trouble overall, and the clean up is also easier. Most importantly, you do not have to be a professional brewer in order to get a great cup.

A VERY AFFORDABLE SOLUTION: The Clever Dripper is one of the most affordable non-traditional brewing methods available on the market today.

A MOBILE BREWING SOLUTION: The Clever Dripper is a fully mobile solution that allows you to create an extremely tasty cup of coffee on the go. Because the cone paper coffee filters are so easily available, you never have to worry about going somewhere that will not accommodate your Clever Dripper.

EASY SET UP: You can use your Clever Dripper nearly anywhere on the fly because of the simple setup that the unique mechanism affords you. You can also clean up the Clever Dripper very easily, ensuring that you leave no traces of your coffee indulgence anywhere.

BREWING DIRECTLY ON THE SCALE: The more professional method of brewing allows a brewmaster to measure by weight instead of volume, ensuring a more accurate reading, less waste of your precious beans and a better overall flavor.

The Clever Dripper vs French Press:

The differences between the Clever Coffee Dripper and the French Press are somewhat pronounced: The French Press does not use a paper filter usually. The Clever Dripper use paper filter by default (cloth and metal filters are optional) so you can use not only coarse grinds, but also finer grinds for richer, deeper flavor. So without a high quality burr grinder, you can still enjoy a nice cup of coffee from the Clever Dripper. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
What a Smart Little Gizmo! And What Great Coffee It Makes!

My first acquisition from this completely terrific company. Not a coffee snob--after decades of coffee-drinking, my palate is trash--but I have tried every brewing method from the mundane (I remember both Corningware percolators and the introduction of the first Mr. Coffee auto-drip) to the exotic (vintage vacuum, French press, Turkish pot, Aeropress). I have always dismissed pourover as being reminiscent of hot water into which the brewmeister has dipped an eyebrow pencil: the water simply runs through too fast for a sufficient percentage of the yum to be extracted.

Enter the Clever Coffee Dripper. Hm, sez I, looking at the pictures of the crystalline plastic with light-catching ribs, this combines the ease and neatness of the pourover with the ability to time the extraction of the French press. And only $22. For $22, I can experiment.

The Dripper, incidentally, arrived in spectacular condition in what seemed like moments. Well done, French Press Coffee shipping elves! My first try, I followed the utterly charming directions (when they say this is a Taiwanese product, they are not kidding) like the box was a tablet engraved on high. I am delighted to report that what I got out of the Clever Dripper was strong enough to patch potholes. (This is a high compliment; I like super strong coffee.) The second try backed off on the beans somewhat and it was completely, thoroughly delicious--the best possible combo of pourover and French press, with no requirement for cream to even out bitterness because there wasn't any.

I was a bit apprehensive about leaks, because let's face it, no one wants to deal with a colossal mess running over the counters when they're undercaffeinated, but the dripper works perfectly: the brewing coffee stays in it and the dispensing mechanism works like a champ. I'm going to be jolly careful with it so that it doesn't bust or anything, but it seems robust enough to last for quite a while. And it if inevitably succumbs to entropy, I know where to get another.

The missus and I are planning to retire to a tiny RV, and knew that our beloved Bodum Bistro auto-pourover would have to go into storage, as it's too big to take. The Clever Dripper is going to be our companion on what we hope is a vast journey across the continent that we will now be reliably awake enough to appreciate. Thanks, everyone, for designing, building, selling, and shipping this cool little thing!

Dear LA Johnson! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best,
Coffee Lover

I'm so happy with the new Clever Coffee Dripper. It makes a much better cup of coffee compared to the Keurig I had been using. Plus, it's portable!

Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best,
Super service

I broke my old Clever by knocking it on floor and frenchpresscoffee had by far the best price I could find. Plus other cool stuff I return to order(grinder!). Shipping was free..I ordered two, one for backup. And it got here(clear across country) super fast. Great service, exact product, a couple of freebies..thank you...I have already shared site with cooffeeholics at work!

Solved a design flaw!

I have the small Clever Dripper. Still experimenting with the coffee blend/grind combo for the best coffee. But there was a real problem - half the water leaks out during the 4 minutes the coffee is brewing. It is simply not water-tight, so, you end up with a half cup of coffee!

I drilled a small hole in the middle of the cover - just big enough to fit in a very thin wooden dowel or a plastic straw. Then I press that down just hard enough to seal it, holding it down during the brewing process. Not as convenient, but it works. Now I need to attach a knob of some kind that weighs enough to keep it closed, so I won't have to hold it down manually.

Hope this helps someone else! BTW, the coffee I get with this method is good!

Best coffee ever! So easy to use

I am not a coffee snob but I do love a good cup of coffee. Smooth not bitter. I am the only one in my house to drink coffee so I didn't want to invest in a really expensive coffee pot when I already had a wonderful Bonita Electric Gooseneck Kettle. I decided to try this Clever Coffee Dripper and it has to be the easiest coffee I have ever made. I have used the Aeropress which I love, A nice Espro stainless steel french press, Kalita Wave, Nespresso,...Let me just say that this is a dream. It is a cross between a pour over and a french press so you get the best of both worlds. The coffee is bold but smooth. The Dripper is so easy to clean up as well. I like that it has a coaster for any drips(have only had one drip and one mess when I didn't put the bottom in right..silly me) and the lid to keep the coffee hot while brewing.
My recipe is 4 scoops of fresh ground coffee(approx 30-35gms) I have my water at a 200degree just off boil. I wet the filter, release that water into my cup to warm the cup, then place the dripper on the coaster, add your coffee, pour water to bloom 30sec, pour to the top of the ridges , slightly stir to mix and then put the top on and let brew. I start my timer as soon as I pour the first water to bloom to 4min. Once the timer goes off place the dripper on your cup and whala perfect coffee. You can adjust the coffee grounds and water to your taste. For me this is a 16oz Contigo thermal mug to go with room for creamer.

Hello Debbie! Thank you for your feedback, we are appreciate it. Enjoy your coffee,

Clever Dripper, Large (18 oz.) - Full Immersion Coffee Dripper

It works great

The unit really is a combo of French press and drip. It is easy to use and produces excellent coffee. No mess!

My New Favorite Coffee Maker!!!

I love this coffee maker. Not long ago I was doing a half perked half drip coffee. It was a complicated, long winded process using the stove and non electric drip coffee maker. This does what I was trying to get back then with ease!!! I mix my roasts a bit.. .90% medium roast, then I add a small touch of fine grind Italian and maybe a pinch of dark roast. Add the water, pop on the lid and hit the timer. While I am waiting the four minutes for it to brew/steep I tweak my breakfast. Then just pop it on my cup and viola!

I had an electric drip coffee maker and since then strongly believe they should be outlawed for how bad they are and the fact millions of them end up in landfills. I used an Areopress for a couple years and though I liked it the process felt too fiddly and pressing it through took a bit of awkward pushing. Hard to multi-task with it. My normal non-electric drip system was ok but not the same smooth full bodied flavor. I even went through a couple of vintage electric percolators and really liked them for the smoothness I got. I have to say though this Clever Dripper is my new all time favorite by a long shot. I have been able to amp up my coffee consumption to at least three strong ones a day now. My goal is to get two or three more. Then when I have guests they can all mix up their own combinations. I am quite picky when it comes to how long things look like they will last and I have to say this looks very well made. Best coffee maker I have ever had.

Oh and seems to be a very cool company to deal with!! I got mine shipped up here to Canada and it came very fast. I love the feel of their website also. I look forward to dealing with these guys again!!! Whoa!!! its coffee time!!! Then I got to hit the sack.

Great taste

The clever dipper produces great taste--what else is important? It's relatively easy to clean: just dump the paper filter and rinse. I had a few issues: the paper tore once; the silicon seal is not perfect, so it continues to drip; the coaster has a chip in it already and I don't remember dropping it, not hard anyway.

French Press Guy wanted something for travel

this is gonna be great those motel stays where you see that dirty little drip maker with that cheap coffee supplies