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French Press P5 Coffee Maker

The P5 with its filter system is a great coffee maker. The seller is very responsive to any problems or concerns the buyer may have. I would not hesitate to use this seller in the future.


Espro's Calibrated Tamper for Espresso (30 lb. of force)

Great press, sturdy rod.

Press works fantastic. You can really push that rod to get the juices flowing, just remember slow and steady works best. That filter really knows how to trap that big wet load at the base. The girth is great as would be expected being as dark as it is. 10/10, great in the mouth.

Solid, Well Made Product

I would go so far as to label this an AeroPress essential item. The filter is very thin but extremely sturdy and well-designed. I've only used it a handful of times so far, but I can't imagine it being anything other than excellent.

Thank you Russ. Enjoy your coffee.
A+ filters!!!

Love the new change to the filters!! They have a place where you can "clip" the two together and it is ideal!!! Thank you so much!!!

Thank you. Enjoy your coffee!
Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker


Thank you James. Enjoy your coffee!
Great service

I ordered a french press from Igor there was an issue with the ordered when I addressed my concerne Igor took immediate action to respond and correct the issue
I highly recommend them and will use them in the future
Raymond Limansky M.D.

Thank you Raymond. It's my pleasure. Enjoy your coffee and tea. All the best, Igor

We washed it and made two cups of coffee ☕️ when we first opened the box. One cup was made with the stainless steel filter. One was made with a paper filter. Both were great! I think it will work great for our camping trips. Thank you! Roland and Kelly Williams

Thank you Roland! Glad you like it. Enjoy your coffee!
Best Tasting French Press Coffee

I’ve been a traditonal French Press user for the past 4 years and thought I had perfected the taste. The Espro P5 takes taste to a whole new level. Since it removes the majortiy of the oils and sentiments, the resulting flavor and smoothness is amazing. I highly recommend this unit even for traditonal coffee drinkers.

Thank you Peter! Enjoy your coffee,
Presse™ by Bobble - 3-IN-ONE Travel Coffee Maker | Travel Coffee Mug | Infuser

It's a gift hopefully they will enjoy it

Red Rock Roasters Espresso Strata Whole Bean Coffee

Very good coffee. Not quite as strong as I'm used to but a good chocolately flavor. Crema reminds me Lavazza. I use a semi-automatic Breville machine. Had to turn the grind up close to fine to produce well timed doppio. Included a picture but for some reason the website rotated left and I couldn't fix it.


Mixing Wooden Coffee and Tea Spoon - Rose Wood, Handmade, Natural, 8.5" long

Best of my presses

For over 20 years I have always had a press even at work. I'm tired of replacing broken glass presses. I have had the Sterling for over a year with no loss in flavor & holds up better than glass. Make sure you get the Sterling products made in the United States (There are a lot of counterfeits from China).

Good service

Very pleased with the fast service and will ship French Presss Coffee in the future

Thank you.
RedRock Black Magic

Very good coffee. Does well in French Press and holds well as Espresso, too.

The cover for the sipping hole is not leak proof.

Really cool updated larger Aeropress, materials are sturdy, so why didn’t you make it leakproof? No five stars on a product that if dropped or tipped is going to leak. Had I known I would not have bought it, way too expensive for a glaring misstep in design. Can not recommend this product to any of my friends or customers!

Pretty cool coffee gadget

Now that I had this for a couple of days. Getting use to a new routine of making my coffee. I found it pretty cool coffee gadget. Once you figure out the correct dosage that you like it makes a pretty consistent cup of coffee. The nice thing about it is that it saves you a step . Press and then go. The one thing you have to figure out is how to get your sweetener or cream into the mix . Hopefully somebody in the YouTube Community will figure it out the best way and post it. But in the meantime this is trial and error right now. I took it to work and it turned a lot of heads people are like what the hell is that . Overall I like it and I would definitely recommend it to any serious coffee drinker.

This makes outstanding coffee

This contraption extracts all the stuff you want and none of the stuff you don't want. Making the coffee is easy, as is clean-up afterward.

Thank you!
Red Rock Whole Bean Coffee

I take most of the blame for this because I apparently didn't realize just how light this coffee would be. Suffice to say I like my coffee a bit more bold than the Red Rock. Sorry but I cannot recommend it.


Clever Dripper, Large (18 oz.) - Full Immersion Coffee Dripper

It works great

The unit really is a combo of French press and drip. It is easy to use and produces excellent coffee. No mess!

My New Favorite Coffee Maker!!!

I love this coffee maker. Not long ago I was doing a half perked half drip coffee. It was a complicated, long winded process using the stove and non electric drip coffee maker. This does what I was trying to get back then with ease!!! I mix my roasts a bit.. .90% medium roast, then I add a small touch of fine grind Italian and maybe a pinch of dark roast. Add the water, pop on the lid and hit the timer. While I am waiting the four minutes for it to brew/steep I tweak my breakfast. Then just pop it on my cup and viola!

I had an electric drip coffee maker and since then strongly believe they should be outlawed for how bad they are and the fact millions of them end up in landfills. I used an Areopress for a couple years and though I liked it the process felt too fiddly and pressing it through took a bit of awkward pushing. Hard to multi-task with it. My normal non-electric drip system was ok but not the same smooth full bodied flavor. I even went through a couple of vintage electric percolators and really liked them for the smoothness I got. I have to say though this Clever Dripper is my new all time favorite by a long shot. I have been able to amp up my coffee consumption to at least three strong ones a day now. My goal is to get two or three more. Then when I have guests they can all mix up their own combinations. I am quite picky when it comes to how long things look like they will last and I have to say this looks very well made. Best coffee maker I have ever had.

Oh and seems to be a very cool company to deal with!! I got mine shipped up here to Canada and it came very fast. I love the feel of their website also. I look forward to dealing with these guys again!!! Whoa!!! its coffee time!!! Then I got to hit the sack.

Great taste

The clever dipper produces great taste--what else is important? It's relatively easy to clean: just dump the paper filter and rinse. I had a few issues: the paper tore once; the silicon seal is not perfect, so it continues to drip; the coaster has a chip in it already and I don't remember dropping it, not hard anyway.

French Press Guy wanted something for travel

this is gonna be great those motel stays where you see that dirty little drip maker with that cheap coffee supplies

Hario Skerton Ceramic Grinder

The product is stylish and appears to provides a consistent grind. However, I have a few issues that prevent me rating it more than a 3. The most important issue is finding the correct grind setting. It took several attempts to find the correct pour over grind size thereby wasting coffee. Now that I have the correct grind I'm concerned what will happen after I disassemble to clean it or decide to change grind for French Press. There is no way to mark where the grind should be for various brew methods. I have an electric ceramic grinder but it is noisy so I purchased this hoping it wouldn't be as noisy and although it is less noisy it's not as quiet as I had hoped. My final issue is where to store the grind handle and burr assembly when using the bowl to store leftover ground coffee.

Fantastic canister

I love the stainless steel canister! Truly does keep my beans fresh!

Double Shot Travel French Press and Mug

I really like this mug and press. Great idea! Keeps Coffee warm for long time. Sets well in most built-in car cup holders. Has hole in handle to clip a caribiner. The best thing is has storage in bottom for enough coffee to brew another cup of delicious French press coffee.
Only con is the arm that closes off the hole is prone to breaking. After it broke the first time I wrote the company an email and was promptly sent a new top no charge. But then a week or two later it broke again. I didn't bother to ask for another. I just can't carry the press any more clipped on my backpack and have to be careful not to tip it over because hole cover won't stay closed.

best online service

perfect size and fit, crazy fast shipping. A repeat customer that will return

Thank you. We are appreciate your Business.
Very nice French press

I appreciate your discounts in all that I bought. Everything is of good quality and I'm happy with my order.

Thank you Braulio. Enjoy your coffee!
Very satisfied!

The Espro Travel presses all arrived well packed. I bought 4, I was unable to use the 15% discount ( although it qualified for this purchase ) so I settled for the 10%. I bought 2 travel presses with just the coffee filter and 2 with the coffee and tea filter. The coffee filter presses came with a small coffee scoop with the accessories, interestingly the coffee and tea press didn't, that was surprising given that the coffee/tea press costs more. The products were great as per Espro usual, I recommend them frequently and now I recommend your site as the place to buy them, supporting small businesses is important, I'm a small scale coffee roaster/seller myself, I sell to family, friends and coworkers. I'm passionate about my coffee, and I look forward to sending all my coffee press customers your way.
Erwin Perez RN

Igor this is Dave from Warrenton Oregon

Did you get the new photos of the canisters in my coffee grinder I hope so I sent him yesterday this is day the canisters are great the coffee tastes good. I hope I win the new coffee grinder and to resubmit my entry to the new coffee grinder but I don't know I have at least 6 in there is that enough to qualify me what are net what are the next contest contest coming up.


After my exhaustive review of coffee grinders, this one was the best. My big question was will it be speedy, or take forever to make the amount I need. Fortunately, it was very quick and easy! The crank and base are excellent. The only tiny negative is there are tension bands around the clear plastic cup where it connects to the grinder, which seem delicate so I emailed, who was excellent at informing me of the durability of this system. I bought from this site due to the excellent videos, now I will buy further for the customer service.

New carafe

When I took my new French Press out of the box I noticed the safet tab was missing. After emailing Igor at French Press I had a replacement within days. Wonderful service and of course a wonderful product. A loyal customer.

Fantastic French Press

This is now my go to method of brewing, because of the espro 3. I use pour overs, chemex, cold brew and the aeropress. The Espro 3 makes the best dark roast cup of coffee for me with the least effort.

5 star

Handmade Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker by Yield Design Co.

Coffee canister

Unobtrusive and practical, this keeps coffee fresh and within reach on early mornings when fingers fumble.

great coffee maker

as a new coffee drinker, i only know of the pour over method , and now with the taste so much better.

Great filter and seller

Seller was fantastic and the filter in great packaging are very appreciated. I would but from you again thanks!

Thank you. Enjoy your coffee!
photograph is worth a thousand words

HI Igor,
I wanted to add a picture in my review. Below is the Bialetti Muka Cappuccino Pot( this model is no longer made) with the Crush grinder in use this morning. A perfect start to my Sunday. I have only been using the Crush grinder 2 days but it is built well and is a very good burr grinder.

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder - Brazil by CrushGrind®

Received my new grinder today and went right to work testing it out. Because I had watched technical Brian's video on how to set the correct grind, I was grinding my beans very shortly after unboxing the unit. The medium dark roast coffee bean that I used ground up easily and was perfect for my " new Clever Dripper ". I really like how the grinder seats into the base of this unit. Making the cranking process very easy . Like I mentioned the grind came out in a consistent manner. Thank you for recommending this grinder.

Adorable French Press

Coffee press is fine, it's cute, I need to fiddle with the grind volume as the recommended amount led to a very weak coffee, like I'm used to at the office. Recommend doubling what the box says as a starter.

Wanted to put in a thanks to the FrenchPressCoffee people. I managed to order the wrong color press, but caught my mistake with the confirmation email. Emailed customer service and they were quick in responding, even though it was after work hours. They were able to correct my mistake without issue. Nicely done!

Thank you. We recommend to use 7g of coffee/4 oz of water. To make it stronger you can add more coffee (always keep water ratio the same or use less coarse grind) but keep extraction time around 4 min to get stronger coffee. Enjoy your coffee.
Great coffee!

Very pleased with my cup of coffee. Did find that some beans are harder to grind. Maybe because that I am in my 80’s. Good workout. Barbara

Thank you Barbara. Enjoy your coffee!

Produced the best cup of coffee that I ever had!

Thank you. Enjoy your coffee!
Espro P7 Stainless Steel, Insulated Coffee Press

I purchased the Espro Travel Press prior to the P7 and the immediately placed an order for P7 after my first coffee service. The double micro filtration make a difference in comparison with my beloved Starbucks travel press.

I would recommend Espro french press of any models to those whom are buying their first french press coffee maker.

Espro Travel Press for Coffee and Tea, Stainless Steel

It is a must for those who sips their coffee of the go. The double filtration ensures no coffee grinds leaves the coffee press. It has been a week that I am enjoying a good hot coffee while I am on the road.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

Easy to be used and easy cleaning. Great for making a cup of good coffee when in a rush.

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder - Brazil by CrushGrind®

It is so easy to use the grinder and the grind is consistent. I have been grinding for french press for the entire week without any issue. Today I made the first grind for AeroPress and the grind is so perfect and an awesome cup of coffee was made.

Thank you. We are appreciate your business!
5 star

Easy to use. Video really helped and so did the excellent help from Igor. I need a bigger French press now!

Thank you Linda. Enjoy your coffee!