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Baratza Paddle Wheel with Felt Assembly Replacement (fit Encore, Virtuoso, Virtuoso +), Part# 6380


Baratza Paddle Wheel with Felt Assembly Replacement for Preciso, Virtuoso, Encore, Baratza Maestro Plus, and Baratza Maestro.

  • Replacement Baratza Part #: 6380
  • (6081 Paddle Wheel Felt included)

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Baratza Cone Burr Replacement Guide 🛠 | M3 & M2 + Paddle Wheel!

Baratza Paddle Wheel Replacement Instructions

  • View and print instructions here

Brand: Baratza

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kevin Cooper
Paddle wheel is weakest link in chain

This is the second paddle wheel I have purchased. I admit it is most likely my fault for running the grinder too long, the bin overfills and the grounds back up in the chute. The replacement instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. Depending upon your situation, sometimes the more "difficult" solution is easier. The first time I replaced the paddle wheel, it was fairly easy to undo the grinding burr. The second time I had to remove the the motor from the chassis. Had I I done this in the first place I would have saved a bunch of time and frustration. All in all, The Encore does a great job of grinding coffee. I put it through its paces as I get my beans from Costco, and generally go through about 2 lbs of beans every 10 days or so. In the future i will not fill the Encore hopper more than halfway, this will assure that the machine will not be overwhelmed.

Thank you for writing this review.

Scott Simpson
Part fit

The repair was a a bit involved but with Ytube videos I got the job done. The part itself fit and the coffee grinder was working again. The process of selecting the part was easy and I would recommend coming to this company if you need parts for your grinder.

Thank you for writing this review. We're glad to hear that the repair was a success and that the part itself fit. We hope you'll continue to use our products in the future.

Richard OConnor
Just want I needed

Back up and running.

Thanks for the review! We're glad to have helped you out.

Grinding coffee again

The paddle wheel was just what I needed to get my grinder working again.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that the paddle wheel fixed your grinder.

Nicholas Anderson

Love this little add on. It doesn't get quite everything thing, but that's okay. I've paired it with a bellows attachment to help push out any extra grounds.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you're enjoying the Paddle Wheel with Felt Assembly Replacement.

Sam Wittmer
Baratza Encore paddle wheel replacment.

After having my trusty Baratza Encore since 2012, I've gone through a ton of coffee grinding...and that may not be an exaggeration. I was looking over tech docs for replacing the M3 burr but decided to go with the M2. And also checked out paddle wheel replacement vids. I tried the first way using vice grips but it was not successful. And remembering a cone burr replacement on Baratza's site I watched it again and discovered the case comes off without unscrewing the base...and I did see a warning of not turning the machine upside down. Anyway I put the base back on and tried the vice grip thing again and it worked. I was able to remove the cone burr, paddle wheel, & felt gasket. Took a bit of patience since the felt gasket seemed lit it pretty easy to stretchy out and kind of flimsy and wouldn't hold a round shape for the drive shaft. I did manage to seat it OK and replaced with paddle wheel and spun the cone burr down to the point where it aligned itself with the two mounting pins seating into the burr. Did a hand tighten and put the machine back together and it wouldn't turn on. I took the case off and cleaned out a bunch of grounds that managed to get into the motor and drive area. Couldn't figure out what was going on. So I checked the trouble shooting steps on the Bartatza site and it gave me some ideas. I think when I turned it upside down, the ring for the grind setting must have moved a little bit. so when I had it upright, the switch that matches up the grind ring assembly was working when I clicked it about 5 clicks clockwise and plugged the grinder in and it worked. So when I had it upright and put a little downward pressure on grind adjustment plate...and moved it to click 3 times, that simulated putting the hopper back on the grinder and the need to click it forward for a cam on the grind plate engages the switch. So I put it all back together and life became good again.

I talked with Igor today and he told me of a new method to remove the cone burr without taking the machine apart or using vise grips. And that was to remove the hopper, gasket, and ring assembly and to use a 15/16th socket with an impact wrench and set it to go clockwise since the cone burr has a left hand thread. Also put a couple of folds with a paper towel to keep from damaging the cone burr. So I checked out my tool box and actually was able to use a US sparkplug 13/16th deep 6 point socket with the paper towel protection and it worked. I also tested it with a 21mm 12 point socket and that worked...although I would prefer 6 point to lower the risk of slippage.

Anyway the old and current paddle wheels is in the attached pic and it looks like around 1/3 of the paddle length was ground down, so I have a replacement standing by. In another repair video on Baratza' s site, the presenter was explain Baratza designed and engineered the Encore (and probably others) that the weak points should be made out of plastic or some other material that will break before it causes damage to the machine. The paddle wheel is one of those weak points...and if the paddle wheel gets really worn down, it can cause chute blockage and not moving the beans towards the grinding mechanism. Another weak point part is the ring gear holder. Then he showed a handful of debris that they took out of customer machines that were sent back for repair. And it included rocks, pieces of metal, and a rusty iron bolt. Anyway, that video is what caused me to inspect the paddle wheel and determined I definitely needed to replace it.

As always, keep supporting French Press and their employees and always give a tip, like I do...because Igor might not be paying them enough...lol Thanks for the great coffee community support Igor!

So you can see in the pic below, the original paddle wheel and felt washer were pretty beat up and the new ones on the right will be and have been moving the beans like they should. My Encore sounds completely different and the grinds I'm getting were OK-good before and are totally awesome now. I also showed some of the coffee candy French Press sends out with every delivery..which I think is great personal touch.

Dear Sam! Thank you for your feedback and great reviews. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

C Little
Quick and easy

Service is great. My parts arrived quickly and my grinder is working like new. Thank you

Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Fred Putnam, Jr.
Works great.

My Baratza Encore is back from the dead with this new part. Service from this vendor has been excellent.

Dear Fred! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Scott Darling
Baratza Replacement Paddle Wheel

replacement got to me quick. It's a simple plastic molded piece, so not much to review.
The instructions from baratza to replace are available on the French Press Coffee website. The replacement process is not easy. I followed all the instructions and found that my grinder settings are now off. I have not been able to find trouble shooting instructions to help resolve this. It'd be wonderful if French Press Coffee could provide some better instructions or trouble shooting tips.

Dear Scott! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Jeff Howard
Great replacement part, crap grinder design.

Our 20 year old Solis was solid till it wasn’t. The Baratza Encore has a serious design flaw, a sacrificial plastic part that renders the grinder inoperable. If it fails again we’ll toss it

Dear Jeff! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

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