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Airscape by Planetary Design - Coffee Canister Products - Protect Your Coffee Beans

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Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister by Planetary Design

Airscape by Planetary Design


Storing coffee beans in the wrong container can actually expose the beans to things that will harm the flavors, such as too much air or sunlight.

That is why the Airscape and Airscape Kilo Canisters have become some of my favorite coffee accessories.

If you’re wanting to cultivate your at-home craft coffee kit, there are many important components to consider! Things like grinders, coffee makers, and beans are necessary pieces to consider when creating your coffee setup. But what about storage? Not as many people discuss the importance of storing your coffee beans, but it can actually make or break your whole routine. 

This comprehensive Airscape Coffee Canisters review delivers in depth information on every single aspect of the coffee storage that the customer needs to know before making the purchase. 

All You Need to Know about Airscape

The Airscape coffee and food storage canister is a patented design that keeps air locked out from the container.

You can store coffee beans, coffee grounds, pasta, sugar, flour, and any other food item!

Airscape Coffee


Airscape Canisters were originally created by Planetary Design, a coffee and food company that has a passion for everything outdoors.

They wanted to patent sustainable products that people could enjoy at home or on the road.

Because of that vision, all of their products are designed with only the highest quality and durability for their customers. 

If you are an at-home coffee connoisseur, or just really miss going to your local coffee shop before the pandemic, the Airscape could be a great fit for your morning routine. 

It comes with a BPA-free plastic lid that removes all CO2 from the container as you twist and lock the handle.

This keeps your coffee beans fresh for far much longer than any other bag or canister on the market. 

What is the Airscape Kilo?

Airscape Kilo

The Airscape Kilo is almost the exact same canister as the original Airscape, except the Kilo is exactly what it sounds like...a container that holds an entire kilogram of coffee beans! 

Airscape Canister Sizes

NOTE: According to Planetary Design’s website, the Airscape Kilo not only holds the kilogram of coffee, but it can also hold food items like:

  • 1 Kilo (2.5lb.) coffee beans
  • 5lb flour
  • 5lb brown sugar
  • 2.5lb granola
  • 3lb oats
  • 7.5lb popcorn kernels
Airscape Comparison Size Chart

Along with whatever other food items you wish to store! The Airscape Kilo is identical in appearance to the original Airscape, only bigger.

The price is $33 compared to the original’s $24.

Features of the Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

The Airscape and Airscape Kilo come with multiple features that I absolutely love.

The design of the Airtight Airscape canister is so unique and innovative, and I truly think everyone can benefit from having these containers in their kitchen.

Patented Airtight Lid Lock Design 

Inner Lid Airscape, Planetary Design

Airscape is known almost exclusively for its quality-engineered, patented lid lock design.

The locking valve may seem complicated, but the idea is actually quite simple. When you press and lock the lid, it releases all of the air inside the canister.

This gives the food inside absolute freshness and preservation time.

When it comes to storing coffee beans, you want to stay away from too much oxygen and too much sunlight. These can destroy the flavor profile of the beans.

Durable, Restaurant Grade Stainless Steel Body

Stainless Steel Canisters

The appearance of the Airscape is just as impressive as its design. Made from durable, long-lasting stainless steel, these canisters won’t need to be replaced for many years.

The steel material makes these containers strong enough to take anywhere, whether on a road trip or your next camping adventure.

I’ve personally brought the Airscape on a cross-country road trip and it kept my coffee beans fresh for over a month while I was on the road!

Coffee Storage in Multiple Colors

Airscape Matte Colors

If the Airscape canister or Airscape Kilo coffee canister sounds appealing to you, you’ll have plenty of color choices to pick from.

You can get either size in matte black, brushed steel, Candy Apple Red, matte white, Mocha Brown, Obsidian Black, or turquoise. 

BPA-Free Clear Top Lid

Most of us want the assurance that our household products are safe for us and for the environment.

Many storage products on the market today are made from cheaper plastic to save money in the manufacturing process, which means we usually don’t know where our materials are actually coming from.

The lid on the Airscape and Airscape Kilo are both made with BPA-free plastic.

With Planetary Designs, you can feel confident with every purchase that your money is going toward something safe. 

Airscape Kilo as a Larger Size for More Storage

The small Airscape canister holds 8 oz (½ lb) of beans, and the large holds 1 lb of beans.

If these are big enough, and you’re still wanting something larger for your coffee storage, you can try the Airscape Kilo, which holds up to an entire kilogram of coffee beans.

Why I Love Airscape Coffee Bean Canister

Stainless Steel Storage

I never paid attention to the type of storage I had in my kitchen until I was given an Airscape canister from a friend.

Before using this canister, I almost always just stored my coffee in the bag I received it in.

I know this is common, and maybe the easiest option to just place the coffee bag back in the pantry until next time.

But doing this, or storing beans in a cheap container with too much air or humidity, can quickly ruin the flavor and life of your coffee beans. 

Before using an Airscape coffee container, my coffee beans would keep their full flavor for about 2 weeks, and not much more.

Now that I use Airscape to store the beans, they last a few months with completely full flavor.

Because of this, I end up saving a good amount of money in the long run. Since using Airscape, I haven’t had to throw any old coffee beans away. 

The containers are also affordable for their quality. Because of how long they last and how fresh they’ll keep your coffee, I believe the price point is absolutely worth it.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and trying your first Airscape or Airscape Kilo, I highly recommend it.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’ll never have to waste high-quality craft coffee beans again! 

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