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Here are 5 of the most common reasons people give for buying a Travel Coffee French Press. Whether are not they are good reasons is for you to decide.
  • lightweight and portable
  • compact
  • easy to clean
  • simple to assemble

Travel Coffee French Press

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Frieling French Press, Stainless Steel French Press, Double Wall Coffee Maker with Dual Screen (Exclusive Home Barista Bundle)

Frieling French Press Coffee MakerKeep your favorite coffee deliciously hot 4x longer. 100% stainless steel,No plastic anywhere. For replacement Frieling parts click here   FRIELING FRENCH-PRESS HOME BARISTA BUNDLE KIT INCLUDES...

From $ 79.95
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Espro Press P7 - Stainless Steel, Double Wall, Micro Coffee Filter (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

Although the Espro Press and the French Press offer the same brewing process, the Espro P7 offers one fantastic exception - a dual micro filtering system that completely separates brewed coffee...

From $ 119.95
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AeroPress Coffee Maker

Compact, durable and lightweight, you'll find the Aeropress coffee maker ideal for use in your kitchen or when traveling, camping or backpacking. VIDEO: Aeropress Go vs Aeropress Coffee Maker AWARDS,...

From $ 29.99
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Clever Coffee Dripper, Large (18 oz.) - Full Immersion Coffee Dripper

The Clever Dripper is perfect for our pour over fans, and delivers a clean, bright cup of coffee every time.  FEATURED: The Best One Cup French Press The Clever Dripper set...

$ 22.00
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Espro Travel Coffee Press, 12 oz with Coffee Filter (EXCLUSIVE: Complimentary Coffee Stir Paddle)

Espro Travel Press - 3-1, Insulated Travel CoffeeMug, Travel French Press Coffee Maker & Tumbler FEATURED: The Best One Cup French Press INCLUDED: Espro Travel Press P1 (makes 10 oz. coffee)...

$ 44.95
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Bodum Columbia French Press Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel, Thermal, Double Wall (EXCLUSIVE Bamboo Stirring Paddle Set)


From $ 59.99
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Espro P6 - Stainless Steel, Double Wall Insulation, Double Coffee Micro-Filter, 32 oz., (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

The Espro P6 brews coffee like a French Press with one exception - the unique Espro micro-filter thoroughly separates the coffee you drink from the grinds you don't want to drink. The...

$ 99.95
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Espro Press Ultralight, Travel French Press, 16 oz

The world's lightest 16oz double walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel Travel French Press. Make a better cup of coffee anywhere you go! Specifications: Makes 10 oz coffee or 12 oz tea and...

$ 49.95
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It's American Press Coffee and Tea Maker - Not a French Press

The American Press is unique in the way it uses the strength of pressure and tiny 100-micron steel filtration to brew up a smooth yet complex cup of coffee that is...

$ 79.95
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Stainless Steel French Press by Coffee Snob Essentials, Double Wall, 34 oz. (8-cup)

Stainless Steel French-Press by Coffee Snob Essentials includes: 1 x Stainless Steel Carafe, Brushed, 34 oz 1 x Plunger Assembly  2 x Mesh Filters for French Press 8.5" Handcrafted Bamboo...

$ 34.99
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Bodum Travel French Press, Insulated Coffee and Tea Mug, Double Wall, 15 oz. Capacity

The Bodum Travel Press gives you the ability to create great tasting, authentic coffee or loose leaf tea drinks on the go. This 15 oz. vacuum coffee maker is convenient, safe and easy...

$ 29.99
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Espro P7 - Stainless Steel, Double Wall, White, 32 oz. (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

Espro P7 delivers a tastier cup of coffee thanks to its special plunger feature and two micro-filters. Brand: Espro Color: White (coating) Material: Stainless Steel, Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Capacity:...

$ 149.95
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Travel Coffee Press devices are usually cheaper and more affordable than their traditional coffee maker counterparts. Because they utilize less delicate materials or are smaller than a regular device they usually cost less. If you're a coffee rookie they can also be a good way for you to get started in your own coffee brewing with a smaller investment.
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