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It's American Press Coffee and Tea Maker - Not a French Press


The American Press is unique in the way it uses the strength of pressure and tiny 100-micron steel filtration to brew up a smooth yet complex cup of coffee that is as good on the last drop as it is on the first sip.

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VIDEO: It's American Press Coffee and Tea Maker

The American Press sets itself aside from the traditional French Press in the way it produces the coveted brown liquid without the nuisance of the "mud" and residue that comes from the more common model. By utilizing more of a pressure brewing technique, the American Press likens itself to an Americano producing espresso machine, churning out cup after cup of low sediment coffee that is less bitter, more balanced, and sweeter than its French counterpart.

If you're a coffee nut you may find it easy to geek out on the whole environment and process of making a perfectly brewed cup. The American Press lets you indulge your inner coffee nerd by giving you more controlled brewing capabilities. Different to a French Press, the American Press keeps your grounds contained in its innovative reusable pod before, during, and after brewing. As you actively brew at the same time that you're pressing you don't have to deal with any of the strained grounds you get after brewing with a French Press.

As an added bonus, the American Press isn't just functional, it's also incredibly attractive to look at. Its sleek modern design is handle-free and fool-proof. The double walled carafe of the Press is shatter and burst resistant and comes with a spout-free, drip-free pouring edge. The slimline look of the Press allows you to hold it in the palm of your hand and literally watch your coffee (or tea) come to life.


  • ESPRESSO INSPIRED FUNCTION - The American Press is like operating a handheld espresso machine. The single-serve coffee press brews as you press it by forcing pressured water through your chosen grounds (or tea leaves) in its self-contained, reusable pod. The process maintains the crispness and complexity of your favorite brew.
  • EASY CLEAN UP - You can enjoy cup after cup with little fuss and minimal clean-up. Because the American Press keeps your coffee grounds in its reusable pod you don't have to deal with washing and cleaning out your press with each use. It works for tea too, as you don't need a specialty grind to brew up a soothing cup of your favorite tea.
  • ON THE GO DESIGN - The minimal clean-up and waste of the American Press also make it easily transportable. You don't need to worry about packing multiple grinds and components to make your perfect cup.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - You might enjoy the taste of your pod brewed coffee machine, but the American Press gives you the same quality without the excess waste of throwing away pods and packages. You can enjoy a complex cup of delicious coffee while maintaining your friendship with the environment.
  • CHEMICAL FREE - The American Press is made from BPA-free materials in an insulated, shatter-free design that keeps your coffee or tea warmer longer, without any nasty chemical impact.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Best Coffee Ever

French press coffee is typically messy. The American Press is easy to clean and makes consistently great coffee. The only thing I wish is they made a bigger version. The price is definitely worth it and you are helping an American startup.

Dear Chris! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Darina Shannon
It's Plastic

Although an appealing design, the price point was not worth it for me since, as it turns out, it was not made in the USA but rather in China. Also, since it's made out of plastic, it has a cheap feel to it. The aeropress can get the same if not better job done with its plastic body and low price point. The aeropress is also better for traveling as it ejects the grinds for easier cleanup.

Dear Darina! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Jeffery Bauguss
A cool gadget that works

I learned about the American Press a few years ago from a friend who used to work as a barista at a local coffee house. They didn’t have one but he described how it worked and I was intrigued. After doing some internet surfing I happened to discover the French Press Coffee website and saw the American Press listing at a slight price discount. It was enough to prompt me to make the purchase, and I’m glad I did.

The French press method has always been my favorite way to make coffee. Many people don’t like the messy clean up afterwards, but I accepted it as just coming with the territory. Cleaning American Press is less messy and the coffee is very tasty. The only (minor) concern I have after using it only twice is the presence of silt. I adjusted for a coarser grind and that definitely helped, though there was still some silt. However, it wasn’t that much, and not certainly not a deal breaker. I think more experimenting with the grind level will either alleviate the silt or make it barely noticeable.

The American Press isn’t cheap, but the materials are top quality and should last a long time with proper care. This thing should have great appeal to those of us who love French press coffee. Strongly recommended.

Dear Jeffery! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Jiyoon Jang
Great product

It doesnt make mess and easy to set up.. enough to make me full

Hello Jiyoon! Thank you for your feedback, we are appreciate it. Enjoy your coffee, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Micah Regnier

I have this American Press and find it is great for the one cup of coffee or tea. The cleanup is simplified to a twist lock and dumping of grounds to dispose. A light rinse or towel wipe and you are ready to restart operations. Only have to get used to not overloading capacity, the container can hold 3 scoops max but ease of performance and flavor is about the half to one scoop max. I would recommend this to most coffee and tea lovers, because all have differences. :-)

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