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Baratza Encore vs. Encore ESP: A Comprehensive Guide for Coffee Enthusiasts 0

Unveiling the battle between two acclaimed coffee grinders: Baratza Encore and Encore ESP. From design subtleties to grinding prowess, discover which model emerges as the true champion for your brewing needs in our thorough comparison.

Enhance Your Brew: Unveiling the New AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap 0

Introducing the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap - a revolutionary tool designed to elevate your home coffee brewing experience. With its pressure-actuated valve, compatibility with all AeroPress coffee makers, and the ability to produce espresso-like concentrate, this accessory offers unparalleled control over your coffee brew.

Designed in Silicon Valley and made in the USA, it's time to unlock a world of enhanced flavors and textures. Brew the coffee you love, the way you love it.

Discover the AeroPress Clear: Your Favorite Coffee Brewer Reimagined 0

Experience coffee brewing like never before with the AeroPress Clear. Crafted from BPA-free and shatterproof Tritan™, this transparent coffee press lets you witness your coffee's transformation in real-time. With the same reliable brewing technology as the classic AeroPress Coffee Maker, it's the perfect blend of style, function, and safety for your daily brew.
Sumiyaki Coffee - Charcoal Roasted Coffee Tradition hidden in Japan for decades

Sumiyaki Coffee - Charcoal Roasted Coffee Tradition hidden in Japan for decades 0

Sumiyaki is the Japanese method of grilling food, especially meats. Sumiyaki means "charcoal-heated" or "charcoal-grilled.” Sumiyaki coffee is a combination of coffee and charcoal-heated method that releases a distinctive aroma through a halogen heater to create a vacuum through the filter to remove the boiled water through the ground coffee. 
Review of the Hario Skerton Plus Manual Hand Grinder

Review of the Hario Skerton Plus Manual Hand Grinder 0

The Hario Skerton Plus Manual Hand Grinder is one of Hario’s best, most innovative products on the market. It was built to maintain the same loveable qualities of the Hario Skerton Pro while making the coffee experience even easier.
Baratza Sette 270wi Espresso Grinder Review

Baratza Sette 270wi Espresso Grinder Review 0

the Baratza Sette 270wi Espresso Grinder is the third installment in a three-part grinder series: the Baratza Sette Series. This grinder is restaurant-grade at an at-home price, and we here at French Press Coffee believe this grinder is one of the best on the market. 

French Press Coffee FAQ 0

Can I reuse the Coffee Grounds in My French Press?

When you steep your coffee in a french press, you’ll notice the leftover grounds at the bottom. You might ask yourself, “can I reuse these coffee grounds in the french press?”

You can certainly reuse your grounds if you’re feeling a second cup of coffee, but we recommend that you stick to using the grounds only once. If you’re wanting a second cup, it might be worth it to just use new coffee grounds.

How long do you let a French Press brew?

How do you know how long to let a french press brew? 4 (four) minutes is a good starting point steep time for french press, but you can alter time and measurements for different strengths.

Depending on what kind of coffee you are using, 4 (four) minutes might not work as the best french press brew time for you.

If your coffee comes out too weak and watery, try either adding more grounds, or adding 30 seconds-a minute of steep time. If your coffee comes out too bitter, you may want to coarsen the grind or subtract about 30 seconds from your brew time.

Have fun experimenting with your favorite coffees and enjoy the process of discovering how long to let your french press coffee brew.

Aeropress Go Coffee Maker Review

Aeropress Go Coffee Maker Review 0

The new Aeropress Go Travel Coffee Press brews excellent, craft-coffee every time, whether you’re in your kitchen or camping in the scenic mountains.You can brew your coffee into the cup, drink from it, and then pack up your Aeropress Go inside the cup and take it with you. 

Baratza Encore ESP Review 1

The Baratza Encore ESP is the new grinder is state of the art and according to Baratza’s website, is “a classic re-engineered for espresso from the inside out.” It has been designed and built with a powerful torque dc motor that will yield a high-quality, precise grind in a faster, less noisy way.

Review of the Espro Cold Brew Kit

Review of the Espro Cold Brew Kit 0

The Espro Cold Brew Kit is clean, sleek, and trendy. It’s definitely the kit for people who appreciate both craft coffee and a neat countertop. Their cold brew kit is not just the brewing mechanism itself. The growler, which you brew the coffee directly into, can be used to store concentrate throughout the week.

Review of the Orphan Espresso Fixie Travel Grinder

Review of the Orphan Espresso Fixie Travel Grinder 0

The Fixie Travel Grinder is Orphan Espresso’s most compact, light-weight hand burr grinder yet. If you love the precision and durability of their Lido 3 Hand Grinder but want something smaller and even easier to travel with, the Fixie Grinder may be a great addition to your coffee routine.
Baratza Sette 270 Review

Baratza Sette 270 Review 0

We at French Press Coffee love the Baratza Sette Series, and the Sette 270 is no exception for us. Here is a Baratza Sette 270 review of our experience using this grinder, and everything in between that you need to know when searching for your perfect at-home grinder.
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