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Espro Cold Brew Coffee System - Brew state-of-the-art Cold Brew Coffee, 64 oz.


The Espro Cold Brew Coffee Kit is a state-of-the-art cold brew coffee maker that you’ll be grateful for this summer.

  • Brand: Espro
  • Capacity: up to 48 ounces
$ 99.95
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Its three piece system is everything you need to make the best cold brew coffee you’ve ever had, minus the coffee beans!

Espro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Espro Cold Brew Kit is sleek, innovative, and simple. It’s everything you need to brew delicious and refreshing cold brew for the hot summer heat. Your cold brew will probably be so good that you’ll be wanting it during the cold winter months, too. 

Espro’s kit comes with an amber-colored resealable growler, a BPA-free plastic cold brewer, a durable lid for the cold brewer, and two filters. Plus, the kit’s design is sleek and minimalist enough to fit anywhere in your kitchen, especially if you have that cute coffee cart in the corner. 

The auto-lock valve is a unique feature of the Espro Cold Brew Kit. In fact, you won’t really see this in many other places. As soon as you attach the glass growler to the cold brewer, the valve opens on its own. And vice versa, when you remove the brewer, the valve closes. This feature will keep your countertops nice and clean while you’re brewing some of your favorite coffee. 

You will also have two types of filters to choose from with the Espro kit for making cold brew. The first type of coffee filter you’ll receive is a mesh filter. The mesh filter works to filter the coffee in a way that leaves a smooth, clean glass of cold brew. The second type of filter you’ll receive is a paper filter. The paper is compostable, which many people see as an enormous plus. The paper filter will still give you a smooth mouth feel, but it may have a bit more gritty texture than the mesh filter. 

The third piece to the cold brew kit is the glass growler. The amber-colored growler is UV-protected, which helps your coffee stay fresher, longer. It includes marks along the side of measurements for specific recipes, so you can stay informed as you go along!

The Espro Cold Brew Kit will be your favorite summer purchase yet. 

Espro Cold Brew Coffee Kit Features:

BOTH MESH AND PAPER FILTERS: You don’t have to choose just one! Having the option between two types of filters for your cold brew allows you to decide on the specifics of your cold brew beverage. If you’re in the mood for something a little bolder and thicker-bodied, you can opt for the compostable paper filter. If you’re wanting lighter-bodied and smooth, without any grit, you can choose the mesh filter.

AUTO LOCKING VALVE: The auto locking valve is a feature unique to the Espro Cold Brew Kit. When the BPA-free plastic cold brewer is attached to the glass growler, the valve automatically locks for brewing purposes. As soon as the brewer is released from the growler, the valve closes. This allows for little to no spills in the brewing process. 

TRENDY, RESEALABLE GROWLER: The Espro Cold Brew Kit comes with a beautiful amber glass growler. This growler is reusable, and comes with measurement marks on the side. Along with the measurement marks, there are specific recipe markers that can be used for whichever way you enjoy drinking your cold brew.

48 OUNCES OF CONCENTRATE: The Espo kit can make up to 48 ounces of cold brew concentrate per batch. This allows you to have plenty of leftover concentrate to save and put in the fridge for the following week or two. You’ll be able to grab a quick morning brew to go before heading out the front door in the morning!

CLEANER COUNTERTOPS: Cold brewing can be a messy process. When you use the Espro Cold Brew Kit, you’ll have cleaner countertops and a much smaller mess to clean up. The auto lock valve and growler help keep everything in place as you brew.


Brand: Espro

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