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Bodum French Press Assembly Instructions

How do you assemble your Bodum French Press, you ask? Follow these quick and easy steps and enjoy a cup of hot, fresh french press coffee as soon as possible! 

Video Steps to Assembling your Bodum French Press

What are the parts of a Bodum French press?

  • Glass Carafe
  • Cross Plate
  • Mesh Filter Screen
  • Spiral Plate
  • Lid and Plunger 

How to put Bodum French Press back together!

  1. Take the Bodum glass carafe and rinse it out with water.
  2. Take your Bodum mesh filter screen (#2) and place it on top of the Bodum Cross Plate (#1). The Cross plate holds the mesh filter screen in place.
  3. Then take the Bodum Spiral Plate (#3) and place on the top of the filter screen (#2). 
  4. Take plunger and twist the connecting piece at the bottom of the cross plate until it is tight. Now your cross plate, filter and spiral plate should be attached to the plunger and able to slide up and down.
  5. You’re now ready to use your Bodum French Press for an amazing cup of delicious french press coffee!

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Comments 1
  • Melissa Morrissey
    Melissa Morrissey

    My son bought me a beautiful French Press plunger Christmas 2022.
    I’ve used it several times, but just now after cleaning it appears the cross plate does not have the middle screw on bit to secure the filter screen & spiral plate. Could this be correct? Does the middle of the cross plate have a screw that can separate? Or have a lost it? I watched a YouTube clip on assembling but it was a different model. Appreciate your help with this! Thanks very much. Melissa

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