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Best Sellers: The most popular items on FrenchPressCoffee.com

Our most popular products to make French Press Coffee based on sales. (updated March 2021)

Explore FrenchPressCoffee.com's Top 10 Best Sellers list to discover all the top Coffee Tools.

#1 - Baratza Encore
The Encore features 40 unique grind settings, ranging from coarse (French Press) to fine (Espresso) that delight any coffee lover through a spectrum of exacting and replicable settings.

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#2 - Frieling French Press
Frieling French Press Coffee Maker Keep your favorite coffee deliciously hot 4x longer. 100% stainless steel, No plastic anywhere.
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#3 - Fellow Atmos Coffee Canister
The New Atmos Coffee Canister from Fellow locks in the freshness of your coffee easily and securely.
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#4 - Airscape Kilo Coffee Canister
Extend the life of your coffee beans and keep coffee really fresh with Airscape Coffee Canister Kilo.
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#5 - Airscape Coffee Canister
Storing coffee beans in an Airscape coffee canister will extend the life of your beans and keep coffee beans really fresh.
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#6 - Bamboo Coffee Paddle, 11" Tall
Handcrafted Bamboo Coffee Stir Paddle for French Press, Syphon, Cold Brew, Chemex. MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR COFFEE ENTHUSIASTS AND HOME BARISTAS
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#7 - Classic El Salvador
  • Select Reserve (microlots)
  • Floral aromatics
  • Syrup-like sweetness
  • Great intensity and balance
  • Extended time spent fermenting
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#8 - Espro Press P7
Although the Espro Press and the French Press offer the same brewing process, the Espro P7 offers one fantastic exception - a dual micro filtering system that completely separates brewed coffee from unwanted grinds and grit.
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#9 - Fellow Stagg
BREW LIKE A PRO: Stagg’s precision pour spout is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate (Great for French Press and AeroPress). Proudly designed in California.
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#10 - Aeropress Coffee Maker
Compact, durable and lightweight, you'll find the Aeropress coffee maker ideal for use in your kitchen or when traveling, camping or backpacking.
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