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Genuine Aeropress Coffee Filters, Metal Filters

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Able Metal Filter for AeroPress, Stainless Steel, Reusable, Made in USA

STANDARD FILTER vs FINE FILTER Able STANDARD FILTER: Fuller body cup of coffee with a bit more fines. Thicker and should last many years of heavy use and is very...

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Aeropress Paper Filters (fit Aeropress Coffee Maker), 350 pk

Replacement Coffee Filters for Aeropress Coffee Maker come in packs of 350--enough to last you a year or more if you choose to reuse (optional) them.  Aeropress microfilters remove grit...

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Fellow Prismo - Filter Attachment for AeroPress Coffee Maker

The Fellow Prismo coffee attachment replaces the original plastic basket of the AeroPress Coffee Maker with a pressure activated valve. (NOTE: The valve allows for increased pressure buildup in the...

$ 25.00
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Able Brewing Travel Cap and Plunger Grip for Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Able Brewing Travel Cap and Plunger Grip For AeroPress is designed for optimal use with the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Aimed for on-the-go usage the Travel Cap and Plunger Grip forms...

$ 11.99
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ameuus Reusable Metal Filters for the AeroPress, Unparalleled Filtration for Rich Flavor

ameuus o2 and o1 10K micro filters - Ultra high precision Reusable Micro Filters specially designed for the AeroPress Coffee Maker  o1 10K micro filters: ~10,000 small holes with average...

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Reusable Metal Filters for AeroPress Coffee Maker (2 pack), Brew Bold Coffee


$ 9.99 $ 19.99
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Metal Filters for AeroPress Trio Bundle - Brew Ridiculously Good Coffee

This Metal Filters Bundle designed for the Aeropress coffee enthusiasts that appreciates richer, bolder flavors. Create espresso-style shots with the Fellow Prismo or Able Disk at home and while traveling. METAL...

$ 44.99
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What Are the Best Aeropress Filters to Buy?

Figuring out the best Aeropress filters to buy is a decision that depends on a couple of things!

If you want Aeropress filters that are the easiest to use and produce the cleanest tasting coffee, we suggest using Genuine AeroPress paper micro-filters. With these, you filter out the most coffee grit, leaving you with the smoothest Aeropress coffee.

They're also the easiest because you can just toss them in the garbage after one use, and you don't have to worry about cleaning an extra Aeropress part. You can buy a pack of 350 for $6.99.

If you're looking for an metal filter for AeroPress that is more environmentally friendly and makes coffee that resembles the bold, robust flavors of a french press, we recommend the metal filters for Aeropress Coffee Maker.

With the metal filters, you don't have to worry about wasting paper. Because the mesh has slightly bigger holes than the paper filters, you'll get some of the natural coffee oils in your cup of Aeropress coffee.

For a fun, creative way to enjoy your Aeropress coffee as espresso, try the Fellow Prismo. It works as a pressurizing valve that builds enough momentum to produce creamy, frothy crema at the top of your Aeropress coffee, just like a double espresso you'd order at a cafe.

You can purchase a Fellow Prismo for $25.