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Best 7 French Press Coffee Makers of 2016


French Press Coffee Makers

If you take a look at the variety of French Press Coffee Makers on the market, you’ll notice a wide array of options. French Presses come in a vast assortment of designs and styles and materials. Some makers advertise the uniqueness of their presses functional characteristics, touting the durability or convenience or quality of their designs.

Many advertise innovative proprietary features (complete with fancy technological names) as improvements on the old Coffee Press you know and love. With all the options out there, how do you decide which French Press Coffee Maker is best for you? Here are top 7 French Press Coffee Makers of 2016 for you to choose from.

1. Forlife Glass French Press Coffee Maker

Forlife Glass Coffee Press

If you need a coffee press for just your own coffee or a bigger one for several people, you can choose the smaller 16 ounce size or the larger 32 ounce press. Enjoy your both of your favorite hot beverages with this single, well-designed glass Forlife Glass French Press Coffee Maker.

Price: from $30.45

 2. Aeropress Coffee Press

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

With the AeroPress coffee maker, you'll be able to brew strong bold-tasting coffee under the perfect conditions - total immersion, quick filtering and the right temperature. In fact, coffee professionals and serious coffee enthusiasts have made the Aeropress Coffee Press one of the most popular coffee makers in the world.

Price: $29.95

 3. Espro Travel Press for Coffee and Tea

Espro Coffee and Tea Stainless Steel Travel Press

ESPRO Travel Press also offers a patented filtration system designed to stop extraction as soon as you push the press down. This state-of-the-art innovation lets you to savor a hot, fresh beverage at the very moment the craving hits you.

Price: from $34.95

 4. French Press Coffee Maker - Cafetiere by Aerolatte

Aerolatte French Press Coffee Maker

The French Press Cafetiere features an innovative water level gauge printed on the glass allows perfect precision control. Aerolatte French Press is easy to take apart and clean, and replacement parts are easily available in the event that the mesh or the beaker become lost or broken.

Price: from $19.99

 5. FORLIFE Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker

Forlife Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker

Simply made yet exceptionally functional, this ceramic French press coffee/tea maker is available in a variety of complementary colors and comes with a dishwasher-safe, stainless steel coffee plunger perfect for pressing the most savory coffee or tea you've ever tasted.

Price: $55.50

 6. The ESPRO Press - Insulated Stainless Steel French Press

The Espro French Press

The ESPRO Press brews coffee like a French Press with one exception - the micro-filter thoroughly separates the coffee you drink from the grinds you don't want to drink. All you need to do to enjoy deliciously robust, grit-free coffee in three minutes is preheat the ESPRO Press container, add your favorite coffee and water and voila!

Price: from $99.95

 7. Procizion French Press with Triple Filters

Procizion French Press Coffee Maker

Procizion French Press produces delicious coffee with no grounds in the cup. The three filters work perfectly, and the delicious coffee we brewed today is some of the best tasting we’ve had using a Procizion French Press.

Price: from $19.99


French Press CoffeeWhile French Press Coffee is the easiest, least expensive way to enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee, for those who are familiar with drip-style coffee makers or expensive one-cup brewers, the idea of measuring and grinding beans, and allowing the coffee grounds to float in the hot water seems kind of bizarre. That's okay! While the process may seem unfamiliar at first, we will walk you through the basic steps to creating the best coffee you have ever tasted ... read full guide » 

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