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Here's the Smart Way to Clean Your French Press Coffee Maker

Since a squeaky clean French Press is a happy French Press, here's a quick and easy way to keep your French Press Coffee Maker always feeling tinkled pink.

How to Clean a French Press in Four Easy Steps

  1. First, fill your French Press about half way with water. Using a fine mesh strainer, pour used grounds into the strainer and dump the grounds into the trash or compost them. We hope you haven't been pouring grinds down your sink or commode!
  2. Refill your now-empty French Press halfway with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  3. Grab the plunger and start moving the plunger up and down inside the carafe. This cleans the sides and gets rid of coffee oils.
  4. Pour out the dirty water and re-wash the carafe by repeating steps two and three.

Now reward yourself for working so hard by making a fresh, hot cup of delicious French Press Coffee. 

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Comments 1
  • Lesley Claster
    Lesley Claster

    My coffee bar is in a little triangle with my garbage can and sink. It’s just a perfect place. I was all set to share the way I dispose of the grinds, and Voila! It was the same as yours. My fine mesh strainer is hanging right there over the sink! So quick, so easy, no mess. You are VERY clever ; ) .
    One thing I like to do is pour half the water onto the grounds in my heated glass, stir well with a bamboo stick and let the grounds ‘bloom’ for a minute with the plunger lightly in place to keep the heat while I heat my milk for a minute in the microwave (cup stays nice and hot). I then add the rest of the water (I have a thermometer), give it a good stir, and set the plunger in place. For my taste, I give it another two minutes to brew before plunging. Thanks for the tips against bitterness—what drove me to the computer to find an answer to it this morning. Found you. My cuppa this was just perfect! The nice lady that came up kept telling me to subscribe, but I could not find a button to do that. Looking for it.

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