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5 Surprising Health Benefits of French Press Coffee

French Press Coffee Maker and Coffee Table

 The French Press design allows raw grounds and leaves to be in contact with the water directly, instead of flowing through a paper filter.

This allows the essential oils of coffee and tea to diffuse throughout the water, instead of being captured inside the paper filter.

As a result, more of the good ingredients such as antioxidants and nutrients, end up in your coffee or tea, instead of just flavor.

1. Primarily, coffee contributes to overall health by being a powerful protectant on multiple organ systems.

Coffee brewed from a French Press is especially powerful. Coffee contains methylpyridinium, a powerful anticancer compound that has been shown to reduce the chances of certain cancers. French Press Coffee is rich in this compound and can help lower your chances of oral, pharyngeal and esophageal cancers.

2. Neurologically, coffee also contains lipophilic antioxidants and chlorogenic acid lactones, which protect neural synapses by strengthening neuronal cells.

Long term, this helps decrease the risk of Parkinson’s disease and even dementia. These same antioxidants also protect your cardiovascular system, rich with muscle fiber and important neurons. French Press coffee is the richest coffee with these important building blocks of the human neurological system. Hepatically, coffee also helps cirrhosis sufferers by helping to prevent hepatocellular carcinoma. While the exact mechanism is currently unknown in medical science, French Press coffee not only protects your continued health but also helps your body rebuild from damage.

Cardiovascular Health

3. Coffee has been shown to decrease reaction time and improve short-term recall.

French Press coffee is the perfect antioxidant rich solution to help aid concentration and recall in the morning. Over long periods of time, coffee in general has been shown to help protect the mind from Alzheimer’s and even gradual cognitive aging we all experience.

French Press Coffee Grounds Bloom

4. Coffee, especially in its purest form (French Press-brewed coffee), also reduces the incidence of gout, reduces dental cavities due to tannins and even reduces Type II diabetes.

Naturally, the caffeine in coffee also comes with additional benefits. Even over the counter drugs contain caffeine because of its beneficial effect on the human body’s perception of pain. Caffeine in migraine and headache medicine helps sufferers cope with inflammation and fatigue.

5. French Press coffee drinkers praise this method of brewing because of its superior taste and drinking quality, especially when made with an even coarse blend.

When you drink coffee that’s been brewed with a French Press, you’re getting the full taste of the coffee as nature intended- pure. French Press coffee brewing is also more earth-friendly. You don’t have to process your coffee through bleached filters (which may have unknown health consequences after long term use) and there’s absolutely no waste (you can use your coffee grounds as fertilizer in your garden). Overall, you also require fewer grounds to achieve the same taste for the same size of brew. French Press coffee is definitely the best way to drink your favorite coffee blend.

French Press Coffee Maker and Mug

Fact: A French press, also known as a cafetière, сafetière à piston, Cafeteria, press pot, coffee press, or coffee plunger, is a coffee brewing device patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929.

For more info, please read: Mayo Clinic, NPR, Wikipedia

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Comments 4
  • Sam Aguirre
    Sam Aguirre

    The perception of everything is in our brain.I start drinking coffee with no sugar at all a few years ago.and now I really enjoy coffee,even better with my french press.and I don’t have diabetes

  • Leon Madoian
    Leon Madoian

    Do you have any healthy alternatives for cream and sugar for coffee?

  • Rachel Bernier
    Rachel Bernier

    To answer your question Ali Shawaiz…I like to blend mine with coconut oil and maple syrup. Blending it makes it creamy. Yum!

  • Ali Shawaiz
    Ali Shawaiz

    Do you have any healthy alternatives for cream and sugar for coffee? Because adrinking it black can be tough.

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