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Cold Brew Coffee Makers - Brew Smooth, Bold, Less Acidic Coffee

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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is also less acidic than iced coffee, making it more bearable on your taste buds and your heart burn.

Why Cold Brew Coffee

There’s nothing quite as refreshing in the hot summer heat as cold brew coffee. It’s smooth, bold, and energizing.

It’s delicious as is, or with your favorite creamer and sweetener.

Here at French Press Coffee, we have your perfect Summer Cold Brew Guide with everything you need to know about this delicious coffee beverage.

Cold Brew Coffee is Perfect for Summer

Cold brew is a perfect summer drink because it’s a refreshing way to embrace the heat. You can still enjoy delicious coffee without the added sweat of a hot, scolding cup. 

Cold brew is also less acidic than iced coffee, making it more bearable on your taste buds and your heart burn. With regular iced coffee, you brew the coffee beans as normal, and then usually just add to ice afterward.

Cold brew is actually brewed with cold water over a longer period of time (12-48 hours), which takes away some of the acidity you’d experience in a cup of drip or iced coffee.

Another great benefit of cold brew coffee in the summer is that you can make the concentrate in large batches to share or to keep for yourself. The concentrate, which you’ll find a recipe for below, can go a long way once it’s cut with water or milk. This means that if you want to enjoy cold brew on a daily basis but don’t want to make coffee every morning, you can make some and save the concentrate for later. 

You can also make cold brew with a french press, which is an incredibly simple process! This means you can enjoy the same high-quality coffee you might get at your local coffee shop, all while staying safe at home.

What You Need for Making Cold Brew

French Presses We Recommend for Making Cold Brew

Any french press will work for making cold brew coffee at home. But the reality is, the type of coffee equipment you have will determine how delicious your cup of coffee is. You don’t have to be a professional barista to make excellent coffee at home. Just the right tools!

Our Pick - Espro (Double Filtration)

The Espro French Press is a revolutionary coffee maker. Espro designs their products with double filtration, meaning they each contain two types of filter baskets that work together to filter out grounds and leftover oils. We recommend this for cold brew because although some oils are good when sipping on a hot cup of coffee, it tastes better to avoid them with cold brew.

Runner Up #1 - Frieling (44 oz)

Another great option is the 44 oz Frieling French Press. It is strong and durable, and the larger size makes a great coffee maker for cold brew concentrate in large batches.

Runner Up #2 - Bodum Chambord

The Bodum Chambord is a classic favorite of ours. It’s one of the more affordable options on the market, but it still holds up in durability and effectiveness. It makes for a great, inexpensive way of making cold brew.

Best Grinders for Making Cold Brew

It’s important to have a good coffee grinder when making craft-quality cold brew at home. If you’re going to be making large batches, we recommend going with an electric grinder to save time. If you know you’ll be making individual batches only, you may want the precision of a manual grinder.

Our Pick - Encore or Virtuoso +

Both the Baratza Encore and Baratza Virtuoso + are excellent, precise grinders. They’re possibly some of the best currently on the market. We recommend either of these grinders for your craft coffee endeavors.

Runner Up #1 - Lido 3

The Lido 3 Manual Grinder is another great option for a coffee grinder for cold brew. It is manual, though. So make sure you aren’t planning on making a ton of coffee at once because it would take a really long time.

Runner Up # 2 - Hario Skerton

The Hario Skerton is another awesome option for a manual coffee grinder you can use for cold brew. Again, it depends on how much you’re making. But the Hario Skerton has really clean precision and is easy to use. 

How to Make Cold Brew Concentrate with a French Press

This recipe is best used as a cold brew concentrate. As a concentrate, you can mix it with milk, cream, water, or ice. 

First, start with 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee and 3 cups of water (in volume not weight). 

Then, pour the ground coffee into your french press of choice.

After you have the ground coffee in, pour in cold (or room temperature) water. Then use a spoon to help soak the coffee and water, but don’t stir.

Place the french press plunger on top and let coffee sit for 12-24 hours in the french press. 

Once the time has passed, you can press the plunger down to the bottom.

Pour your coffee over ice and enjoy the concentrate alone, or with water to dilute. You can also add your favorite types of milk and sweeteners!

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee with Aeropress (Single Serve)

First you’ll want to grind 35-40 grams of coffee in your grinder at a medium-coarse grind. 

Then, place the grounds in your aeropress. Slowly pour 150 ml of room temperature water evenly over the grounds.

You’ll then cover with the cap and paper filter and let it sit for 12-24 hours. 

After the time is up, turn the Aeropress upside down over a coffee mug, and press down on the plunger until all the coffee is extracted. 

How to Make Store Cold Brew Coffee

If you don’t want to drink the concentrate right away, you can cover it and keep it in the fridge for up to 5-7 days.

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