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Peugeot Kronos Hand Coffee Grinder, 43 grind settings (great grind range from Aeropress to French Press)


The Peugeot Kronos grinder, also known as the Kronos coffee mill, is made with care and intention.

If you’re searching for a high-precision, easy-to-handle grinder that delivers a precise grind every time, the Kronos could be a great fit for your craft coffee routine. 

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If you’ve ever wondered where class and sophistication could intersect with craft coffee, you’ll need to look no further.

The Peugeot Kronos hand grinder blends these two worlds together with precision and excellency. 

Peugeot is a company that knows a thing or two about creation and fine craftsmanship. Imagine a small town in France in 1810 known as Sochaux, where innovation and a quiet lifestyle could work together in harmony. 

Jean Pierre Peugeot was an inventor and craftsman in the watch making industry who owned a grain mill in this quaint French town.

His two sons began working for their father and eventually turned the company into Peugeot, which became a thriving steel engineering business.

Here they made bicycles, home necessities, watches, and yes, coffee grinders.

Fast forward to today and Peugeot is still a thriving, innovative brand. They’ve kept the sophistication and timelessness of their hand grinders, but have upgraded their products to excel past the standards of the 21st century. 

The body of the Kronos was designed with an “easy grip” in mind.

Your hand will fit nicely around the grinder itself, which will give you a strong grip while you turn the handle to grind your coffee.

The shape of the body and the ceramic-lined plastic will give you durability and control with every single use. 

With an incredible grinding mechanism, you’ll also be able to choose a grind size that fits anything from espresso to French Press or cold brew.

Peugeot Kronos Grid Settings

With the micro adjustments between each type of brewer mechanism, there are 43 total grind adjustments to choose from.

This guarantees you the ability to find the perfect grind size for whichever type of coffee you crave, all with a manual grinder that fits in the grip of your hand.

To some, 43 grind settings may have an intimidating ring to it! And if that’s you, that’s perfectly okay!

If you are at all concerned with being able to navigate this many settings, there’s no need to worry. The Kronos was designed with every user in mind. 

On the grinder itself, you’ll find three differently sized dots (big to small) that point you in the right grind direction each time.

These stand for fine and coarse, so if you want to move in a coarser direction, you’ll just slightly move the top gear piece in the direction of the bigger circle marking. 

For specific brewing method recommendations, you can find a simple visual diagram in the Peugeot Kronos manual. 

Peugeot Kronos Mill Features:

Large Bean Capacity

The Peugeot Kronos comes with a large bean capacity compared to many popular manual coffee grinders on the market today.

The Kronos holds up to 50 grams of coffee beans at one time, which can truly change your coffee making experience.

For example, you can store beans that you know you’ll use in the next few days to save yourself a step in the process. 

43 Grind Settings

This beautiful hand grinder also has more grind settings than many of its competitors.

You’ll find 43 total grind settings, including settings for an espresso maker, Moka Pot, automatic drip brewer, manual drip, french press, and cold brew.

With a few markings on the grinder to help you in the right direction, choosing a grind size is a simple process each time.

All it takes is a slight turn of the stainless steel piece that sits on the top of the grinder. 

Easy Grip Design

The shape of the Kronos is another one of its defining features.

If you have a hand grinder that isn’t easy to grip, then you must ask yourself “what is the point?” But this is a question you will not have to worry about with the Kronos, because it was designed to perfectly accompany the grip of your hand while the other hand turns the handle to grind. 

Lightweight for Travel

This grinder is not only effective for your at-home coffee process, but it works wonderfully as a travel grinder as well.

With a weight less than 1.5 pounds, the Kronos can be taken nearly anywhere, from hotels to road trips to camping adventures. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good product for the price

Before I bought this grinder I read some reviews on the internet. The number one concern (negative review) was that the grinder was difficult to grip. I would say this grinder is not the easiest to hold, but not the hardest. It meets my needs because it allows me to grind for pour over, french press, or aeropress and I believe it does that well. The grind appears to be uniform. It's easy to adjust. I do not brew espresso or turkish, so I cannot speak to that.
I will say that if you need a very fine grind and you have a very light roast you might want a different grinder because the finer the grind and the lighter the roast the harder it is to hold while turning the handle.
It works well for my needs so I am giving it five stars.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Peugeot Kronos Hand Coffee Grinder. We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that the grinder meets your needs for pour over, French press, and Aeropress brewing. Thank you for your recommendation and for giving our product five stars. Happy brewing!

Heavy turning mechanics and solution

Grinding machine is precise. Very good.
To grind commercial coffee isn't problematic. Because it is over roasted, too dark and weak structure. To grind specialty coffee is real problem. I made immediately prolonged handle and now remake it foldable.

Dear Maris! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

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