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Baratza Vario+ Coffee Grinder, 54mm Flat Ceramic Burrs, Black


The Baratza Vario+ grinder ( 220 Grind Settings) is a powerful, durable burr coffee grinder with intelligent and programmable capabilities to take your personal coffee experience up a notch. 

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Baratza Vario Plus Coffee Grinder Review (Video)


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AeroPress, Hario V60, Automatic Brewer, Chemex, French Press Very Good
Espresso Very Good
Grind Range (microns) 230 - 1150
Standard Burr 54 mm Ceramic
Steps of Adjustment 10 macro × 22 micro = 220
Fine-tune Adjustment Yes
Speed of Grind 1.6 - 2.2 g/sec
Standard Bean Hopper Capacity 8 oz (230 g)
Weight 10.5 lbs (4.8 kg)
Dimensions W / H / D cm 13 / 36 / 18

If you loved the Baratza Virtuoso + (which we are sure you did), then you’ll fall in love over and over again with the Baratza Vario Plus Burr Grinder.

This powerhouse of a grinder is commercial-grade with a small footprint unlike anything we’ve seen from Baratza yet, and could be the perfect partner to your favorite at-home brewer or espresso machine.

There are many new features to the Vario +, along with some familiar-yet-upgraded as well.

In many Baratza grinders you’ll find conical (cone-shaped), stainless ceramic burrs. 

The Vario Plus Grinder, however, is designed with 54mm ceramic flat burrs. The flat shape of these burrs is more accurate and lasts longer than the conical ones, making the Vario+ well worth its value.

Baratza Vario + Coffee Grinder

The ceramic is also a more durable material than stainless steel and will wear down at a much slower rate.

Another important factor of using ceramic over stainless steel is that the steel oftentimes overheats when the grinder is working, which can cause the coffee grounds to burn and lose their flavor.

The ceramic material is much better at maintaining temperature and preserving the integrity of your favorite beans. 

With most other Baratza grinders you can adjust the grind settings by turning the bean hopper at the top of the grinder body.

The Baratza Vario Plus Grinder has upgraded this feature and designed a dual cam grind adjustment system.

This means that on the right side of the grinder you can find 10 macro adjustments, and on the left you can adjust up to 22 micro settings.

This gives you an enormous total of 220 grind settings to choose from on the Baratza Vario Plus.

Baratza Vario + Coffee Grinder White

Along with the vast amount of grind settings to choose from, you’ll also be able to automatically program your grind with the touch of a few buttons.

To set the grind, you just select which type of coffee you’ll be enjoying (drip coffee, french press, or espresso) along with the length of grind time you need.

Once you’ve found your perfect grind time, you can program and save in order to use it again the next morning. 

The digital LED panel located on the front of the grinder is a feature that directly helps bring ease to your morning coffee routine.

Once you’ve set and used programmable buttons for up to three different settings on your Vario+, you can grind your coffee by just pushing “start.” It really is that simple. 

It’s impressive to see that with each new Baratza product the internal systems and motors seem to be upgraded.

Baratza Vario Plus, White

The Baratza Vario + is designed with a powerful high torque DC motor that is both extremely powerful and discreet.

You’ll be able to maintain a quiet grinding process as well as be confident in the fact that your grinder’s motor will not overheat.

It’s invaluable to have a strong and steady motor in your grinder, and the Baratza Vario Plus will give you that every time.

Baratza Vario Plus Grinder Features:

54mm Ceramic Flat Burrs: Ceramic does not heat up nearly as much as stainless steel burrs. This is important because stainless steel can sometimes overheat, which could burn or ruin your coffee grounds in the process.

Ceramic also lasts longer and holds its sharpness longer than stainless steel. Oftentimes if we are using stainless steel conical burrs, the burrs can become dull too quickly, and then the grinder loses its effectiveness.

With ceramic burrs, you can rest assured that the precision of your Vario + grinder will last years to come. 

220 Grind Settings: Not only does the Vario+ give you a commercial-grade grinder with durability and accuracy, but it also ensures that you’ll be able to use it for any and every one of your different coffee needs.

Baratza Vario - 230 Grind Settings

With 10 macro settings and 22 different micro settings between each, you’ll have 220 grind settings to choose from. What more could you possibly need?

Digital Control Panel: The digital LED control panel screen is a feature that makes the Vario Plus extremely easy and user friendly.

You can control the timing, the type of coffee you’ll be grinding for (french press, Aeropress, espresso, or filter), and the start button, all from the control panel located on the front of the grinder. 

Programmable Grind Settings: Adjusting the grind settings on the Vario + is easy enough, but you’ll also have the added feature of being able to set and program your desired grind time using the control panel.

You can choose your desired type of brewing method and the grind time, and then use the programmable setting to come back to it any time you want! 

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