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Baratza Sette 30 Espresso Grinder


The Baratza Sette 30 is the starter grinder in the Baratza Sette series.

If you’re a fan of a bold double shot of espresso with your breakfast in the morning, this grinder may be a perfect addition to your routine. 

Pro Tip: This grinder is perfect for espresso enthusiasts and fans of other brewing methods requiring a finer grind, like pour over or Aeropress. 
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  • Speed To Grind Espresso: 3.5g/sec—Manual Brewing 5.5g/sec
  • Burrs: 40 mm Steel by Etzinger
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 10 oz (300-400 g)
  • Grounds Bin Capacity: 5.5 oz (160g)
  • Weight: 7lbs (3.2 kg)
  • Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 13 / 40 / 24
  • Power Rating: 220-240VAC 50/60 Hz, 240W 1.6A, class I 100-120VAC 50/60 Hz, 200W 2.6A
  • Safety Listing: UL/CSA/CE/EK
  • Designed & Engineered: Seattle, WA, USA
  • Manufactured & Assembled: Taiwan
  • 30 different grind settings range: Espresso, Aeropress, V60, Pour-Over, Chemex (not designed for French Press)

This Baratza Sette 30 Espresso Grinder is an advanced, innovative coffee grinder at an entry-level price. As part of the Baratza Sette series, you’ll be surprised how much you get at an affordable price.

You’ll notice many unique features of the Sette 30 that make your coffee experience easier and more enjoyable. For example, this coffee grinder comes with 30 different grind settings that are quick and simple to adjust. All you need to do is manually turn the numbered knob to match your desired setting. The Baratza Sette 30 is truly designed to perfect the espresso grind (or other fine grinds like an Aeropress, Pour-Over or Chemex). 

The backlit LED screen on the front of the Baratza coffee grinder also makes the adjustments as easy as possible. You can manually adjust the grind time, or set it to an automatic time of your choice. Features like these are what will help you save time in your busy morning so you can sleep in a bit more, or spend your time getting ready without the added worry of your coffee!

One of the most unique features of the Sette 30 is the conical burr setup. In many espresso grinders, you’ll have multiple conical burrs grinding together to create the friction necessary for achieving an accurate grind. The Sette 30, however, functions with a conical burr and an outer ring burr. The outer ring burr actually rotates around the inner burr, creating a high-powered grind that is faster than most of its competitors. 

As espresso enthusiasts, we usually enjoy grinding the fresh coffee beans directly into our portafilters. But sometimes, we want to save time and energy by grinding coffee into a container to use throughout the week. The Sette 30 comes with adjustable arms that hold in your portafilter or a grounds bin that comes with your order. Having this choice frees us up to have whatever type of morning we desire. 

The precision and innovation of the Sette 30, along with the affordable price, makes this grinder one of the best entry-level espresso grinders on the market. The Baratza Sette 30 allows you to enjoy craft-quality espresso at home without having to dip into your savings account.

Baratza Sette 30 Features:

Innovative burr set

The burr setup within the Sette 30 is unique to only a small number of grinders on the market today. You’ll still get the precision and quality of a normal conical burr set, but these burrs work a bit different to create a higher speed. Within the Sette 30, you’ll find an outer burr that rotates around the inner cone burr. As it rotates, it produces accuracy and rapid grinding speed. You can expect to have a portafilter full of espresso grinds within 5 seconds. 

30 different grind settings (Espresso, Aeropress, V60, Pour-Over, Chemex)

You’ll have a wide range of accurate grind settings with the Baratza Sette 30. This allows you to dial in with the same accuracy that you would receive at your local cafe. If you are someone who enjoys changing up the type of beans you use every now and then, these settings will help you lock in settings based on your favorite coffees. You can easily adjust by turning the knob to the left or right, and you’ll find each setting labeled by a number. You can use this Baratza grinder for your coarse grinding needs, but it was originally designed with a fine grind in mind, so this is where it really excels. 

Grind directly into multiple vessels

This grinder also comes with adjustable holding arms underneath the mouth of the grinder, which allows you to either place your portafilter directly in place to catch the grounds or the grounds bin that comes with every order or a Sette 30. 

Hopper without the mess

The beans hopper (which holds up to 10 oz of beans) has a stopping system you don’t see on many at-home grinders. If you need to clean out your coffee grinder or replace the beans you are using, you can easily shut the hopper and switch it out with absolutely no spillage. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Carl Lomele
Great value for espresso

Initial impressions are great, as grind quality seems excellent. Device is very lightweight, so take that as a positive or negative dependent on your perspective. It does make a bit of a mess, as grinds seem to go everywhere requiring cleanup. For those who use it daily it can add a minute or two to your routine.

Dear Carl! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Jonathan H.
Great Introductory Burr Grinder

My first burr grinder, using with the Gaggia Classic Pro for espresso, and I can dial in shots pretty well with the available grind settings in the Sette 30. I can also use the coarse setting to get decent drip coffee out of my oxo 8 cup brewer. Can also use the coarse setting to make French Press the James Hoffman method if you're so inclined. Overall great grinder for the price.

Dear Jonathan! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

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