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Review of the Porlex Grinder | Tall and Mini, Manual Coffee Grinder

Review of the Porlex Grinder | Tall and Mini, Manual Coffee Grinder

The Porlex Manual Burr Coffee Grinder is a small but powerful grinder. Manual grinders have increased in popularity over the last couple of years. 

People love taking their craft coffee gear on the road so that they don’t have to miss good coffee when they’re away from home. Coffee grinders, french presses, and Aeropress coffee makers are becoming more portable for this reason. 

If you’re in the market for a portable grinder but get overwhelmed by all of the hand grinder options on the market, read our Porlex Grinder Review to see if it would be a good fit for your coffee routine.

Ceramic Conical Burrs in the Porlex Grinder

Ceramic Burrs - Porlex Coffee Grinder

The Porlex is made with ceramic conical burrs. Burr grinders are far more accurate and durable than blade grinders. Blades are hard to adjust for precision, and oftentimes coffee beans will fall through the cracks, leaving the grounds uneven.

Burrs on the other hand, work for precision and accuracy. They fit tightly together and crush the coffee beans as they pass through. The burrs are made of ceramic, which make them durable and long-lasting.

You may have heard of conical burrs and flat burrs. Both types of burrs grind in the same way, but they’re just shaped slightly different. Flat burrs are flat, and the conical burrs are cone-shaped.

Porlex Tall II vs Mini II Coffee Grinders. What are the differences?

Two Sizes to Choose From (Porlex Mini and Porlex Tall)

Porlex Tall and Mini - Coffee Grinders

The Porlex Hand Grinder comes in two different sizes: the Tall and the Mini. The Porlex Tall holds up to 44 grams of coffee, while the Porlex Mini only holds half that.

Both grinders, even the Tall, are small enough to take pretty much anywhere. The Porlex Mini is only big enough to grind coffee for one cup at a time, so make sure you’ll be making coffee for just yourself if you purchase this grinder.

Features of the Porlex Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder

Aside from the ceramic burrs we mentioned above, the Porlex grinder has defining features that make it a high quality, excellent purchase for your coffee routine.

  • Packaging with English/French/Japanese instructions
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Durable Ceramic Burrs, Laser etched made from Japanese clay
  • Made in Japan

The grinder comes with a locking nut, which makes adjusting the grind quick and easy. You may have experienced that with some manual hand grinders, changing the grind settings can be challenging or time consuming.

With the Porlex locking nut, changing from fine to coarse is just one simple step. Another important feature of this grinder is the stainless steel handle. It is durable and easy to turn, which makes the actual act of grinding the beans very smooth.

The cylindrical and lightweight design of the Porlex was intentionally created to make the user’s life much easier. If you’re not used to a manual hand grinder, you might be wondering if it’s a difficult process.

Conclusion: The Verdict on the Porlex Coffee Grinder

Great for small French Press or Aeropress or travel coffee. The Porlex is lightweight, so it’s easy to hold while you’re grinding the coffee beans. It is also small and cylindrical, which allows you to get a strong grip on the device while you’re turning the handle.

The Porlex grinder comes apart entirely and is rust-free, so you can clean it when you need. The ceramic burrs and stainless steel exterior will never rust, so you can wash and clean them without worrying about damage. 

If you’re interested in purchasing the Porlex Manual Hand Burr Grinder, head on over to our store. If you are looking for more information about brewing coffee, using your french press, or buying other equipment, check out our blog.

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