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Baratza M2 Cone Burr Review: Everything You Need to Know

In the world of coffee grinding, the right equipment can make all the difference. Our Baratza M2 Cone Burr Review dives deep into the features and benefits of this prominent grinder component. With many considering the Baratza M2 burr upgrade, it's essential to understand its full potential.

What is the Baratza M2 Cone Burr?

The Baratza M2 Cone Burr, predominantly found in the Baratza Virtuoso Plus grinder, is a testament to precision. Renowned for its meticulous grind consistency, this burr is especially favored by espresso enthusiasts.

Baratza M2 Burr

M3 vs M2 Burr: The Nuances

The Baratza Encore's standard companion is the M3 burr. While the M3 is adept at its job, the M2 burr, as highlighted in our Baratza M2 Cone Burr Review, has gained a reputation for superior performance. The defining differences are:

Baratza M3 burr vs M2 Burr

M3 Burr:

A versatile performer that suits various brew methods and comes standard with the Baratza Encore.

M2 Burr:

This burr, integral to the Virtuoso (Virtuoso Plus, Encore ESP), boasts a sharper cutting edge, making it a favorite among many considering a Baratza M2 burr upgrade.

User Feedback and Testimonials:

Many users who've ventured into the Baratza M2 burr upgrade note the noticeable improvement in their espresso shots. This consistency and enhanced flavor profile have garnered the M2 much appreciation in coffee communities.

Compatibility Table:

Burr Model Compatible Grinders
M2 Baratza Encore, Baratza Encore ESP, Virtuoso, Baratza Virtuoso Plus
M3 Baratza Encore

The Verdict: Is the Baratza M2 Burr Upgrade Worth It?

Considering a Baratza M2 burr upgrade for your Baratza Encore? It's essential to weigh these factors:

  1. Brewing Method: The M2 shines especially for espresso lovers due to its precision.
  2. Cost Consideration: Think beyond just the price of the M2 burr. Factor in installation efforts and potential associated costs.
  3. Durability: While precise, the M2's sharper edge might necessitate more frequent replacements with heavy use.
  4. Flavor and Extraction: The Baratza M2 burr upgrade can elevate the flavor and consistency of your brew.
  5. Environmental Impact: Upgrading is a sustainable choice, reducing electronic waste.

Installation, Maintenance, and More:

Proper installation is crucial for those looking at the Baratza M2 burr upgrade. Maintaining your burr post-installation ensures longevity and top-notch performance. You may also want to consider tips on how to clean a coffee grinder for optimal results.

How to Replace the M2 Cone Burr:

For those looking to make the switch or replace their existing M2 Cone Burr, we've got you covered. We've prepared a detailed step-by-step video guide below and a comprehensive PDF file to ensure a seamless replacement process.

From tool requirements to precautions, our resources ensure that even beginners can confidently perform the task. Just follow along, and you'll have your grinder functioning optimally in no time!

VIDEO: Baratza Cone Burr Replacement Guide 🛠 | M3 & M2 + Paddle Wheel!

Recommended Parts for M2 Burr Replacement:

When undertaking the task of replacing your M2 burr, it's beneficial to consider some additional components for an overall enhancement of your grinder. Here's what we recommend for optimal performance:

  • Baratza Ring Burr with Holder: Essential for holding the cone burr securely in position, ensuring grind consistency. Over time, wear and tear can reduce its efficiency, making it a good candidate for replacement.
  • Baratza Paddle Wheel with Felt Assembly: Plays a vital role in efficiently moving ground coffee out of the grinder. If you've been facing inefficiencies or blockages, it's worth considering a replacement.
Baratza Ring Burr Replacement

Not certain about the exact parts you need? This Baratza Parts Quiz will guide you to the perfect components tailored to your Baratza grinder.


As for pricing, always check current rates before making the Baratza M2 burr upgrade decision. For spare parts and more, you can visit Baratza Parts.


Our Baratza M2 Cone Burr Review underscores the burr's superior design and performance. Whether you choose to upgrade or stick with the M3, Baratza's commitment to excellence is evident in both models.

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