So What's the Truth about French Press Coffee and Cholesterol?


Is there really a connection between French Press Coffee (unfiltered coffee) and cholesterol?

Maybe. Like the rest of us, you've probably never heard of cafestol and kahweol, two coffee compounds that have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-cancer properties. That's good, right? Well, partly.

According to research, cafestol and kahweol may also increase your LDL cholesterol levels--and that's not so good. Fortunately, we have an awesome lifehack to tell you about that will easily filter out those compounds so your heart stays happy and healthy.

All you need is your French Press Coffee Maker and a coffee filter to say good-bye to unfiltered coffee and  the coffee and cholesterol problem.

How to Filter French Press Coffee

  • Unscrew the plunger from your French Press coffee maker
  • Remove the top strainer
  • Place an paper filter (we use Espro Paper Filter) over the strainer
  • Screw the plunger back together
  • Voila!

Coffee filters effectively remove cafestol and kahweol molecules from your coffee without interfering with the deliciously satisfying flavor of French Press Coffee you've come to crave and love. Shop Coffee Press »

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  • Igor Dernov
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