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Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder with Macro and Micro adjustments by Orphan Espresso


Lido OG hand grinder is durable, accurate, and designed with the best coffee experience in mind. 

Orphan Espresso is known for their top-of-the-line, professional grade hand grinders, and now they’ve done it again with the Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder.

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Lido OG Manual Grinder Review


Orphan Espresso’s Lido line is one of the best on the market, with grinders like the Lido 2, Lido 3, Lido E-T, and now the Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder. Orphan Espresso first began their journey with Lido grinders back in 2012, and now almost ten years later, they’ve just recently introduced the newest addition: the Lido OG. 

At first glance, you’ll notice the ways that the OG physically stands out among the other Lido manual grinders. For one, it is smaller and sleeker than the other models. And a unique quality about this grinder is that the OG is made up of almost 95% metal. It contains materials like aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, which make this grinder not only aesthetically pleasing, but incredibly durable. 

For the devoted Lido grinder fans, fear not. The Lido OG still uses Etzinger steel burrs, which are the type of burrs Orphan Espresso has been using for years. These burrs are long-lasting and protected from dents, overheating, and rust. They are top of the line in accuracy and are one of the shining features of the Lido line of coffee grinders.

According to Orphan Espresso, another one of their favorite features of the Lido OG grinder is the dual grind setting adjustment system. Orphan has continued to upgrade their products in a way that makes the grind settings more accurate and easier to set. 

For the OG, you’ll find both micro and macro adjustments that are simple and leave no room for mystery. You’ll know exactly what you’re grinding every time. This process has also become easier because of the side loading hopper feature. Now, you don’t have to worry about interfering with your grind setting when you want to load beans into the hopper!

Lido OG Features:

Etzinger hardened stainless steel burr set

It wouldn’t be a Lido without the reliable Etzinger stainless steel burrs that OE fans love so much. These Etzinger burr sets are made of 48mm ring burrs and 32 cone burrs that work perfectly together to yield a professional-grade grind accuracy every time. They are also designed to last a long time without wearing down, making the money spent well worth it. 

50 gram hopper

Lido fans are most likely used to the transparent plastic hopper in previous Lido grinder models. The Lido OG hopper is made of anodized aluminum and is covered with a silicone grip. This makes it easier to hold on to when you’re using the grinder. This change in design was a big leap for Orphan Espresso, and the decision was made after hearing that customers wanted an easier way to grip onto the grinder. This hopper also holds 50 grams of coffee and contains a side port for loading your coffee beans, which is also a new feature for OE. 

Easy disassembly and reassembly

The beauty of using the Lido OG is that you can disassemble and reassemble the grinder quickly and without any tools. You can clean the grinder without having to move the axle or burr alignment, which has been a suggestion from customers with past Lido models. 

Macro and micro adjustments

The dual adjustment system is well-known among Orphan Espresso fans, but the process keeps getting easier and easier with each new grinder. With the Lido OG grinder, you’ll be able to more quickly adjust your grind setting while having the confidence in its accuracy every time. The adjustments are located on the top, where you’ll see both numbers and tick marks.

To use a macro adjustment, you’ll turn the bottom part of the adjustment knob, which is numbered 0-2000. To use the micro adjustments, you’ll turn the brass part of the knob and set your desired micro step, which is marked in groups of five. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Best hand grinder so far.

Thank you for your review and for choosing the Lido OG. We appreciate your support and we hope to continue providing you with quality products in the future. Happy grinding!

James Aydemir
A solidly-built and extremely well-manufactured grinder

Having owned a Lido 2 for many years that's served me extremely well, this is the perfect successor. Another review describes it as a hand grinder for an engineer, and that's absolutely a complement for the OG -- but you don't have to be an engineer to use it. It's a testament to its build quality and construction. The numbered grind settings are a game-changer and make it siple to repeat grind settings; and the consistency of the grounds is, well, extremely consistent -- even better than the Lido 2, in my opinion.

The fine adjustment ring was a little confusing at first, but once you realize you need to line up the center mark on the brass ring with the center mark on the numbered ring before adjusting finer or coarser, it all made sense.

I haven't had any issues with the hopper cover popping off -- I usually have my grip over that area, anyway. However, you may find it useful to use something like a silicone pinch bowl/measuring cup useful for funneling beans into the hopper.

My use cases are pourover and French press, and simply put, it's made excellent cups both ways. Do make sure you read through the instructions before your first grind, and follow the cleaning/reassembly/re-calibration steps carefully (OE do have videos that walk you through these steps, which are super helpful). Also, the tool-less disassembly and reassembly is a huge improvement over the Lido 2. This is definitely a grinder that'll last and reward you with years of service.

Order processing and shipping from FrenchPressCoffee was prompt and it arrived quickly. Definitely going to make it a point to order coffee from here to run through the grinder next!

Thanks for the detailed feedback and pictures! It will help a lot of people.

Michael Grepo
A Hand Grinder for an Engineer

The OE OG grinder is a solid product. I was looking to upgrade to a hand grinder which could give me as precise control as possible and be easy to use. I love that the settings are meaningful numbers. The grinder is well-constructed and easy to recalibrate once you go through the process a few times (helps me to ensure my settings are consistent). Delivery was prompt, and I was breaking in the new burrs in no time. Very happy with the quality of the purchase and the service from FrenchPressCoffee.com. It’s exactly what I needed to up my espresso game.

Dear Michael! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Well built and comfortable in hand

Very consistent and intuitive after an initial learning curve, this grinder has become a favorite piece in my coffee ritual.
The OG is my first hand grinder amongst several electric burr grinders that I have used over the years mainly for drip coffee makers. I recently started exploring espresso, pourover and other methods of brewing so I wanted a grinder that I could easily adjust for a variety of brewing styles that would churn out consistent high quality grinds and I feel that the OG was the perfect choice.
I'm enjoying dialing in the grind settings for the different brew methods that I have been using and I have found that writing down the grind settings for each brew method and bean variety is a good idea.
Overall I feel that the OG was an excellent choice for grinding single doses for use in drip, pourover, aeropress, espresso and french press coffee makers. The grinding gets easier very quickly and it feels as though the burrs have broken in with grinding only a few pounds of beans. Shipping was fast and I am very happy with my OG.

Dear Leonard! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Rick Rodriguez
Love the Lido OG

This grinder is obviously built to last. Enjoying the coffee, and knowing that it would be hard to find a more solidly built manual grinder.

Dear Rick! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Awesome hand grinder

This grinder is awesome. Quality is outstanding, the feel is great (its fairly big and heavy), I have limited experience using it for anything other than espresso yet but I am very happy overall. The micro adjustment mechanism was super easy to learn, macro adjustment notch system is fantastic.

Thanks OE for making such an awesome hand grinder, again!!!

Dear Danny! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Wonderful hand grinder, easy to use and clean-up is a cinch

Upgraded from a Lido 3 so already a fan of OE and this burr set. Grind setting mechanism is much improved, super easy to set and super easy to re-zero when needed. Especially nice since I do like to wander from French Press to Moka Pot to Espresso depending on my mood. Grinding feels super smooth even before burrs are fully broken in, no stalling on light/medium roast beans (vs. Lido 3). Hopper fits any single dosing, easily 30g probably more but I don't grind more than that at one time. Overall great upgrade and quality of life improvements.

- Super solid construction
- Grind adjustment is easy and repeatable, very easy fine adjustment for dialing in espresso
- Side loading is an improvement IMO, the grind cup diameter its just right for pouring in beans after weighing out
- Bottom of the burrs are accessible for brushing off any stuck on grounds
- Taking apart to fully clean is tool-less, relatively straightforward and convenient

- Fine adjustment ring is un-intuitive and watching the manufacturer video on use and maintenance is a must (a fussy requirement but I think expected for the target audience for this grinder)
- Noted in the manual and videos, but there is piece that can be easily damaged / cross threaded when you put back together if you don't follow instructions

Also buying from French Press is great, prompt shipping and packaged up nicely. Appreciate the freebie coffee stirrer too!

Dear James! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Mark Rubash
Excellent hand grinder; perfect for single-dose espresso!

Purchased the Lido OG hand grinder to use for single-dose espresso drinks on an ECM Synchronika machine. After watching all of the very helpful manufacturer videos on YouTube; setting up and dialing-in the OG for perfect espresso was effortless. The grinder has a stepless grind adjustment through the combination of course and fine adjustment dials. It produces an extremely uniform espresso grind with zero retention, so perfect for those that are looking for consistency as well as the ability to try different coffees, grinds or de-caf without having to waste a bunch of coffee clearing out the old beans from a powered grinder. For a 20 gram dose, it takes about 2 minutes of hand grinding. A lot of work if you're pulling multiple shots, but perfect when you really need or want that perfect espresso! Also, very pleased with the shipping time, support and friendliness from French Press. Coffee; so feel free to send your business their way!

Dear Mark! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

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