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Espro Bloom Filters, Chlorine-Free Paper, Compostable, 100 Filters, Fits Espro Bloom Brewer only


Premium Paper Coffee Filters specially designed for Espro Bloom Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. 

  • 100 filters
  • Chlorine Free
  • Unique flared 32-flute design
$ 17.95
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How to brew with Espro Bloom (video step by step instructions)


These paper filters are the perfect pairing to the new Espro Bloom Pour Over brewer. Enjoy a clean, smooth, delicious cup of coffee with an easy cleanup every morning!

Espro has introduced one of their newest products, the Espro Bloom Pour Over. This innovative new design for a pour over is reshaping the way we brew coffee, and if you want the cleanest cup of pour over coffee with the easiest clean up process, you’ll want to consider buying these Espro paper filters to go along with it.

Technically you can brew with the Espro Bloom without buying the packet of paper filters, but your coffee experience will be a bit different.

These chlorine-free, full compostable filters yield a much cleaner, smoother cup of coffee than what you would get with just using the stainless steel filter itself.

You’ll also have an easier cleaning up process because instead of having to rinse the Espro Bloom every time, you can just throw away the paper filter you used. 

Espro is offering these filters in packs of 100! 

Espro Bloom Paper filter Features:

Unique shape for fast brewing

Brew with Espro Bloom in 2 minutes

The first thing you may notice about the Bloom paper filters is their unique, narrow shape. This steep slope is different from what you’d see in a standard pour over, but its shape allows for brewing that is almost 30% faster!

Clean brew

These paper filters are designed with a clean, even, delicious cup of coffee in mind. The paper helps eliminate any of the residue from the coffee grounds that might slip through the cracks of a metal filter, so you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth, gunk-free cup of joe every morning. 

Safe and environmentally-friendly

The Espro Bloom filters are made with chlorine-free paper for ultimate safety guarantee, and are 100% compostable to help ensure as little harm to the planet as possible.

With these filters you can enjoy your own personal safety without having to sacrifice your love for the planet as well. 

Brand: Espro

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