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Bodum EILEEN French Press Coffee Maker, 34 oz. (8 cup)

Bodum EILEEN French Press reminds coffee drinkers of the atmosphere of lovely Paris cafes and bistros, the city that inspired Gray to create some of her best work.
Made in Portugal
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The Bodum EILEEN French Press Coffee Maker is created in the spirit of Eileen Gray, the famed and talented Irish designer. This is the coffee maker that gives you style along with function.

You will have a good cup of coffee in the tradition of the French Press - easy to make and ready for action at any time. Although the design is gorgeous enough for an art gallery, it is also durable and completely safe to wash in your automatic dishwasher.

You can also invest in the copper version of the Bodum Eileen French Press if you want an even more rustic style for your kitchen countertop. However, this coffee maker is more than just flash.

The basis of its performance comes from a rock solid stainless steel frame. Not only does this provide a durable outer core, but it also protects the borosilicate glass beaker. The handle is created specifically to give you an ultra secure grip to avoid spills and accidents. The Eileen French Press can make a perfect gift, and it is also perfect for entertaining.

All in one, you have a conversation piece that gives you and your guests a great cup of coffee in a timely fashion. The 34 oz space gives you enough for 8 cups at one time.


  • A GREAT LOOK THAT REMINDS YOU OF PARIS - This is the coffee maker that you use to serve company if you want to create a positive impression on everyone around you.
  • A STURDY FRAME FOR BETTER COFFEE - The Bodum EILEEN French Press Coffee Maker gives you an incredibly sturdy stainless steel or copper frame to ensure not only a great look, but a durable infrastructure.
  • ENOUGH FOR THE PARTY - You can easily make 8 cups of great coffee at once. With a capacity of 34 oz and dimensions of 13" x 10.25" x 9.875", the Bodum EILEEN French Press Coffee Maker has enough for the party as well as for your family.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - You get a fully dishwasher safe coffee maker so that you never have to worry about cleaning in those tight nooks and crannies.
  • SAFE TO USE - The handle of the Bodum EILEEN French Press Coffee Maker is made specifically to be secure and comfortable pouring from difficult angles. It also protects its borosilicate glass beaker with its strong, durable stainless steel frame.

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