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Coffee to Water Brewing Ratio Calculator for French Press Coffee 

The most precise ratio of coffee and water for any brew strength of French Press coffee

This coffee calculator allows you to calculate the perfect ratio of coffee to water needed for any French Press Coffee brew strength.

  • WATER TEMPERATURE - Between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C)
  • WHOLE BEAN COFFEE - Grind it right before you brew
  • COARSE GRIND (similar to sea salt) ~1500-1600 microns
  • GOOD QUALITY WATER - try this water Enhancer for Optimizing Coffee Brew
  • BREW TIME - 4 min.

How to use French Press Coffee to Water Brewing Ratio Calculator

The first step to making perfect coffee every time is deciding just how much coffee you want to brew.
Depending on the size of your French press, you can brew as little as 4 fluid ounces of coffee to as many fluid ounces as you need. 

Side Note: A typical coffee mug can hold up to 12 fluid ounces. 
Coffee to Water Brewing Ratio Calculator for French Press Coffee
Once you know the volume of coffee that you would like to brew, you can either change the number of fluid ounces using the arrow keys or just manually enter the amount into the first step. 

The second step to the perfect ratio of coffee and water is selecting the desired strength of your coffee.  You are provided with four options to choose from. The ratio 1:16 will produce very mild and subtle flavors while a ratio of 1:10 will produce a very dark, bold, and thick brew. 

When finished, the calculator will show you the exact amount of coffee to be used (in grams and tablespoons) and the precise amount of water needed (in milliliters and cups).
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