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Ethiopia Sidamo, Single Origin, Organic, Fair-Trade, Whole Bean Coffee, Red Rock Roasters, 12 oz



  • Origin: Ethiopia Sidamo (Southern Ethiopia)
  • Medium Roast
  • Whole Bean, 12 oz.
  • Notes: Sweet with chocolate and big blueberry flavor
  • Certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade USA
  • Certified Organic by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture
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Ethiopia Sidamo gourmet coffee must be experienced to be understood. Start your mornings with a cup of coffee so satisfying that it will always be the last thing on your mind when you go to bed. Seriously.


Red Rock Roasters is a small, family owned coffee roasting business located in New Mexico. They specialize in small batch gourmet coffee roasting, and because they are located at over 5,000 feet altitude, they're able to roast the beans at low temperatures for longer periods of time, resulting in a smooth-bodied finished product that doesn't have a hint of the burnt taste frequently associated small batch roasters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is my second bag. Really good Ethiopian bean!

Thank you for your review and thank you for choosing our product. Have a great day!

Mim G.
Made for Perking

A delicious roast for our stove top percolator. Lighter roast are made for the percolator. It lends itself nicely to the pressures of coffee perked on a stove. It is smooth, rich and cocoa sweet. A very nice edition to my morning brews. I make coffee in many different ways and each one requires a certain dial in, since all methods, roasts and grinds are not created equal. I enjoy them all and the quality of the coffee is key. This Ethiopian roast is very nice and full bodied, a cup to savor.

Thanks for the feedback!

Raymond T.
An expanding experience

For years I've been a dark roast drinker exclusively, but in recent months I've been more open to and appreciative of lighter roasts, and this is one of the best I've had. It's good to have one's tastes expanded!

Thank you for the positive review! We're glad you're enjoying Ethiopia Sidamo.

Kevin Pinkerton

I am not much on describing flavors, but this coffee is now my favorite. Very smooth and it certainly has more than one flavor coming thru. Before I found this, I was hooked on Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee. But I find the Sidamo to be more flavorful. Obviously, some of that could be influenced by the age, the freshness and the roasting. And who knows, both coffees could be coming from the same place. Lol.

Dear Kevin! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Ronaldo Williams
Excellent Ethiopian

A nice bright flavor with a bit of a citrus finish. Great for my morning espresso. I would highly recommend.

Dear Ronald! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Amazing Coffee

I'm loving this brand of coffee..Columbia is one of my go to kind of coffee, but this brand I really love .Will be back for more..Red Rock..You Rock!!

Dear Bernadette! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Perfect flavor

I ordered this coffee to try something different. It has a bold, yet smooth flavor, and is now one of my favorites.

Dear SHY! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Patrick McMullen
Nice flavor profile that's growing on me

I've had other Ethiopian coffee but this was was a bit lighter roast and it took me a couple of pots to get accustomed to the new taste. It's a bit more acidic and I think that may be a direct result of the lighter roast which does show in the color for the pots I've pressed. I use my new Espro P5 Stainless Steel pot just purchased at the same time but I waited until the Baratza grinder came to star brewing as I wanted a nice grind to test them out. In short, I liked it! I used 3 of the 2 tablespoon scoops I use with the coarse grind recommended by Baratza setting 30 for 4 minutes of brew at 200 F and the brew was GREAT! I'd at least suggest giving it a try, may not be for everybody but I enjoyed it as a change of pace from the darker roasts I usually like. ENJOY!

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