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Fellow Monty Milk Art Cups - Double Wall Ceramic Cup Keep Coffee and Espresso Hot for Longer


Fellow Monty Milk Art Cup is the stackable, double-walled ceramic coffee cup of your dreams. Available for demitasse, cortados, cappuccinos, or lattes. 

  • Brand: Fellow Coffee
  • Material: Double wall ceramic body with a copper or graphite bottom
$ 27.50
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  • Set of 2 demitasse cups 3 oz.
  • Latte 11 oz. 

    These Monty cups from Fellow are sleek, bold, and innovative. They come with a built-in parabolic slope, which helps take your latte art to the next level. The cups are also designed with a double-wall ceramic build, which protects them from easy breaks and cracks, and keeps your coffee drink warm while you sip.

    The unique aesthetic of these coffee mugs comes from their cylindrical shape, graphite bottom, and beautiful matte black or matte white finish. The cylindrical shape of the Monty cup stands out from the typical espresso mug you see in any given coffee shop. If you’re serving coffee at your shop with the Monty Milk Art Cup, you’re setting yourself apart from the rest.

    The graphite bottom is a beautiful touch to the overall sleek aesthetic of these cups. The shape of the bottom also makes these cups very stackable. You can stack them on top of your espresso machine, inside a cabinet, or on the counter top for everyone to see. 

    The double wall ceramic design is perfect for hot beverages and keeps your coffee warm while you take your time enjoying every sip. This double wall build also adds durability to each cup. The Monty mugs are dishwasher safe, so you can use them in large quantities at your busy cafe. 

    The hidden parabolic slope on the inside of the cups send the crema to the bottom of each pour, allowing the barista to feel confident and secure in their unique latte art designs.

    Fellow Monty Milk Art Cup Features:

    BOLD, DOUBLE WALL DESIGN: Time and time again, we spend money on a delicious latte, only to have it get cold in less than 10 minutes later. If you’re someone who appreciates taking their time while they enjoy their morning cup of espresso and steamed milk, this double-wall design is perfect for you.

    The double-wall cups keep coffee hot for much longer. You can slowly sip on your coffee and have confidence that it will stay warm the whole time.

    HIDDEN PARABOLIC SLOPE FOR LATTE ART: Latte art can be a frustrating feat. With the Monty Milk Art hidden parabolic slope, the milk flows to the bottom and back to the top again, creating the perfect latte art form. 

    The slope lifts crema to the top without disruption, which is what helps baristas make those beautiful latte flowers you dream of.

    SLEEK, STACKABLE CYLINDRICAL SHAPE: Unlike typical latte or cappuccino mugs you see in every cafe, the Monty cups are designed with uniqueness in mind. Their cylindrical shape not only helps them stand out among the rest, but it makes them stackable.

    If you like stacking your mugs on top of your espresso machine, you won’t have to worry about the Monty Milk Art cups falling or sliding off. They fit perfectly in each other, creating the perfect stackable scenario.

    CERAMIC AND GRAPHITE MATERIALS: These coffee cups are made with only the best materials. The body of the cups are made with beautiful, matte finish ceramic. The ceramic is dishwasher safe and because it is double walled, it is extremely durable. 

    The bottom of the Monty cup is made of graphite, a unique and durable material that catches every eye. The graphite on the white matte finish is a copper color, while the graphite on the black matte finish is black.

    MULTIPLE SIZES, MULTIPLE COLORS: You can choose from either the sleek, black matte finish, or the bright, white matte finish. Each finish comes in a multitude of sizes. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mathieu Karsenti
    The wrong cups....

    I'd like very much to review these cups I thought I'd purchased however I was sent the wrong ones: 2 Joey espresso cups instead. I reached out to customer services twice and no effort was made to reply to me. I'm happy to keep the Joey cups as they are very nice but acknowledge your mistake (and a little token wouldn't go amiss too). Fast delivery and great quality products otherwise.

    Dear Mathieu! Thank you for your feedback. Do you want to keep them or exchange it? All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com


    Very nice

    Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

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