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Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker, Double Wall Vacuum, 24 oz.


The Fellow Clara French Press may be one of the most sophisticated yet affordable ways to start your mornings off right.

  • Double Wall Vacuum
  • Capacity :24 oz.
  • Color: Black
  • Non-stick PTFE interior coating
$ 99.00
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How to Brew with Fellow French Press

How to Brew with Clara French Press


The Clara French Press by Fellow is a one-of-a-kind coffee press that single handedly raises the bar for at-home brewing methods. Not only is it sleek, sophisticated, and durable, but it yields consistently delicious coffee each and every time. Whether you’re a fan of hot, bold coffee to start your day, or a tasty afternoon caffeine treat, the Fellow French Press might be your best choice.

Meet the Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker


The body of the Clara coffee press is its most shining feature. Gone are the days of accidentally dropping your glass french press and watching it shatter or damaging it while you try to rinse it out. The Clara press is made of a durable and long-lasting stainless steel body that won’t break or get damaged if it’s dropped. And let’s face it, everyone drops their french press at least once or twice.

Not only is the outside of the body impressive, but the internal walls of the press make an enormous difference in the brewing process as well. The internal walls of the Clara are coated with PTFE, which is a type of carbon coating that withstands extreme temperatures and is non-absorbent. This means that the Clara coffee press maintains its heat throughout the entire body for effective brewing. It also means that it’s easy to clean, which is helpful on those mornings you’re running late for work. 

Another outstanding feature of the Clara press is its mesh filter system. Fellow uses an enhanced filtration mesh for the Fellow Clara, which produces a clean yet bold cup of coffee every time. 

Other details that we love about the Fellow Clara include the all-directional pour lid that doesn’t require the user to line up the spout with the filter, and the 24 oz brewing capacity that allows you to make enough to share. Whenever you’re willing to share, of course. 

Heat-lock Double Wall Vacuum

One of the problems you can run into when using a glass french press is the distribution of heat. Glass cools down quickly, so if you’re using a glass-bodied french press, the heat of your brewing process will be inconsistent and may affect the taste of your coffee. The Fellow Clara Press is made of stainless steel with a double wall vacuum system that keeps your coffee hot throughout the entire process, plus hours afterward. 

Non-stick Interior

The Clara French Press is lined with a PTFE coating that not only helps keep the temperature high, but prevents any of the coffee grounds or sludge from sticking to the sides. This non-stick interior wall makes for a perfectly easy clean up each and every time. 

Enhanced Filtration Mesh

When it comes to using a french press brewer, the filter system is one of the top priorities for ensuring a smooth and bold cup of coffee. Those who love this method of brewing coffee will understand that it’s all too easy to get coffee that is filled with sludge and leftover grounds, which can easily ruin your favorite cup of Joe. With the enhanced filtration mesh, you’ll be able to enjoy the strength and boldness of french press coffee, without all of the unwanted residue. 

All-directional Pour Lid

This feature might seem small at first, but it really does make a meaningful difference during your morning brewing routine. With other french presses, you often have to make sure the spout is aligned in the exact correct way so that you can pour the coffee into your cup without a mess. With the Fellow Clara press, you’ll be able to benefit from the all-directional pour lid that gives you a mess-free pour at any angle. 

24 oz Brew Capacity

The fun part about using a french press coffee maker is the ability to sit around the table and share with your friends or family. The Clara press can brew up to 24 ounces of coffee, which makes it the perfect shareable treat for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Customer Reviews

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Clara French Press Coffee Maker, Double Wall Vacuum, 24 oz.

My first French Press, enjoying the flavor. Can't get used to the handle, seems mounted to low and is hard to hold on to.
Stays hot long enough, covering spout helps a lot. The coating on the inside makes it easy to wipe clean. The screen works really well, minimal amount of grinds get through.

Thank you for your review of the Fellow Clara French Press Coffee Maker!

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