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Espro P5 Review - Smoother, Less Muddy Coffee

Espro P5 Review - Smoother, Less Muddy Coffee

This is a review of one of the most revolutionary products to hit the french press coffee market in recent years, the Espro Press P5.

This review will look into every important detail of the Espro Press, such as assembly, usability, and effectiveness, in order to help interested buyers decide if this product is an adequate addition to their coffee collection.

First of all, what is a french press and why is it important?

The French Press is one of the most classic methods of brewing coffee, and its ability to produce consistently rich, bold coffee dates all the way back to the early years of the 20th century.

It was created in 1929 and was later modified and patented in France in 1958. The french press is a method of brewing coffee that utilizes a filter/plunger feature and produces coffee by steeping grounds in hot water for a few minutes.

The result is a cup of deliciously pronounced coffee every time.

Although it is a beloved way for people to brew coffee at home all around the world, the french press has become notorious for one great flaw in particular: the gritty residue of coffee grounds that it leaves behind with every cup.

This happens because of the coarseness of the grind required and the amount of time that the coffee grounds steep in the hot water.

When you’re ready to pour your coffee, some muddy leftovers will always remain at the bottom.

Then what is so special about the Espro Press P5?


Espro Press P5


The short answer is that the Espro Press P5 has solved the decade-long issue of the muddy, gritty residue that comes from using a french press.

We will discuss the exact method in detail later on in the review, but what is important to note is that the Espro Press is revolutionizing the world of the french press because it contains a double filter feature that filters out the muddy residue we all love to hate.

The truth about the double filter


Espro Replacement Coffee Filter


In a classic french press coffee maker, you have a carafe that holds the mixture of coffee grounds and hot water, and when your time is up to pour your coffee, you use a plunger that has a mesh filter attached to the bottom.

As you push down on the plunger, the mesh filter traps the grounds but filters out the newly steeped coffee. When the plunger hits the bottom, you’re ready to pour out your coffee.

This is where the “gritty” residue comes in. Because of it’s muddy consistency and the loose grounds still floating around, the single mesh filter can’t possibly catch everything.

As you pour out your coffee, you’re often left with some of the heavier residue at the bottom that wasn’t able to be filtered out.

This residue isn’t all bad, in fact some people love the bolder, gritty flavor, and some research has even been done on the health benefits of the oils that are left behind from the french press filter.

But unfortunately, with just a single mesh filter, it’s hard to produce the consistency of the boldness and smooth flavor that we long for in our coffee.

The Espro Press P5 was intentionally created with a feature that will double-filter the coffee and leave out the residue that we are so accustomed to with a french press.

The Espro still has a filter attached the end of plunger, but the filter is double lined and built with a wall that makes the filter a basket that keeps the grounds inside.

This feature changes the flavor radically, and the smooth, bold flavor that you get from the Espro is a noticeable difference from that of an ordinary french press.

Basket filter with added “pour over filter” feature and tea filters


Espro Press Replacement Tea Filter


(NOTE: Tea Filters for Espro Press sold separately and not included)

In an ordinary french press, the mesh filter is one layer, in the shape of a spiral. The one layer is what often allows for the grounds to slip through, creating the residue at the bottom.

The Espro Press P5 filter is in the shape of a basket, which traps the grounds in more than a normal french press. It is also double lined, meaning that there are two basket filters that sit inside each other.

This feature ensures that the coffee you’re brewing will come out smooth, clean, and with a lighter-bodied profile.


Espro Paper Filters


(NOTE: Paper Filters for Espro Press sold separately and not included)

Another amazing feature that the Espro Press comes with is a bag of pour over filters to use if desired.

You can take one piece of the filter and place it in between the two filter baskets for an even smoother and cleaner cup of coffee. Each Espro Press P5 comes with a pack of these filters for you to use.

Setting up your Espro Press P5

The Espro Press is both quick and easy to set up. Your press will come fully assembled in the box, and all you will really need to do is prepare it for making your morning coffee.

You can do this by rinsing out the carafe with water (it’s recommended to avoid soap because it can leave a soapy flavor behind), making sure the filter baskets are screwed in, and applying one of the paper pour over filters if you want to go that route!

Size & Durability

The Espro Press P5 comes in two available size options: the 18 oz (1-2 cups) and the 32 oz (3-4 cups).  These sizes are standard for most french presses that you see on the market today.

The Espro Press is not only revolutionary for its double-filter feature, but also for the durability and advancement of its glass.

It has been carefully engineered to be almost twice as strong as the glass used in a class french press, which makes it safer to use, longer lasting, and able to keep coffee much hotter!

Pros & Cons


  • Double filter for smoother coffee and less muddy residue
  • Incredible flavor
  • Pour over filter option
  • Option to be used as a tea press with the tea microfilter attachment
  • Durable glass


  • Double filter feature is harder to keep clean because of multiple attachments
  • More expensive than a traditional single-mesh filter french press



(NOTE: Copper Espro Press P5 available here)

The Espro Press P5 is an amazing addition to your craft coffee routine. The Espro’s double filter feature is truly revolutionary and is completely changing the game of french press coffee.

If you purchase the Espro Press P5, you’ll be able to enjoy the bold, robust coffee that you love from using a french press, but in addition you’ll now be able to say goodbye to the mud and gritty residue left behind from the coffee grounds.

With the Espro Press P5, you can also enjoy even smoother, lighter coffee by using one of the pourover filters, or a cup of hot, loose leaf tea by using the tea microfilter feature.

Espro Press P5

The Espro Press P5 is one of the best french presses on the market, and we highly recommend that you try it out at home. You can purchase the Espro Press here, along with other Espro models.

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