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Review of the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Review of the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

When it comes to equipment, a good coffee grinder may be one of the most important purchases. If you’re looking for craft-quality coffee grinders with precision, accuracy, and durability, you might find the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder to be a perfect fit. Read further to decide whether or not this grinder is your next purchase, or if you need to continue your search.

(as of 2020: Here we are, still waiting out the pandemic, still embracing the sacrifice of staying home when we can. As much as we miss our local craft coffee shop, many of us are choosing to stay safe and stay home. This has resulted in a lot of people rethinking their at-home coffee experience! Maybe you’ve been in the market for some new equipment to build your home cafe.) 

What is the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder?

The Capresso Infinity Grinder is a conical burr grinder designed for any type of coffee you dream of making at home. It is made up of Swiss conical steel burrs, a 9 oz bean hopper, a reduced-speed motor, and a grind range with 16 different settings. This grinder is one of Capresso’s most popular and prized products, as it makes for an affordable, craft-quality coffee grinder perfect for beginners to the at-home coffee scene. 

Why I Love Burr Grinders

Capresso Infinity Grinder Burrs

I don’t know if I could ever say enough about the importance of buying a coffee grinder made of stainless steel burrs instead of blades. Blade grinders are the more affordable option, and you may be able to find them at more stores than the burr grinders.

Blade grinders consist of two rotating blades that cut through the whole coffee beans at different speeds, depending on the desired grind size. It essentially works in a similar way as an ordinary blender. Because of the two rotating blades, there is a lot of space for beans to fall through, which almost always results in inconsistency. 

However, burr grinders are extremely accurate and function with excellent precision every time. Burrs function as steel grinding pieces that press together and grind the whole coffee beans. You can adjust your grind size by adjusting the space between each burr. Burr grinders are going to be more expensive up front, but you’ll be replacing your grinder far less often than if you had a blade grinder, and the quality will not let you down. 

So What is a Conical Burr?

There are two types of burrs: flat and conical. Flat burrs are exactly what they sound like...flat. They are more expensive and won’t come in any home grinders. You may expect to see flat burrs inside a large, industrial grinder or a more expensive grinder used at a cafe. 

The conical burrs are cone shaped (which is where they get their name). The conical burrs are common in at-home burr grinders. The cone shape allows for accuracy, as well as less friction, ultimately resulting in less grind noise. 

Best Features of the Capresso Infinity

Wide range of grind settings

Capresso Infinity Grind Settings

I personally feel that the Capresso Infinity or  Capresso Infinity Plus makes a wonderful grinder for craft coffee beginners and people new to the world of at-home burr grinders. A main reason for this is the wide range of grind settings. You’ll find four main settings at the top of the grinder base, where the bean hopper locks into place. 

These four main settings read “extra fine, fine, medium, and coarse.” Within each of the four labels, there are four different notches, giving you a total of 16 different grind settings. These settings allow you to move from coffee for brewing methods as fine as Turkish espresso, all the way to the other end of the spectrum with a coarse cold brew grind. 

BPA-free plastic hopper

Capresso Grinder Hopper

The plastic hopper that sits on top of the grinder base is made of BPA-free plastic. This helps you sigh in relief and let go of worrying that any harmful chemicals could seep into your coffee brewing process. 

The plastic hopper holds approximately 8.8 oz of coffee beans at one time. You can choose to use this to store coffee beans for quick access in the mornings to come, or you can measure out what you need each time. That all depends on your preference for coffee procedures. 

4 oz grounds container

This is another helpful feature. When you grind your coffee beans, the grounds will fall into the transparent grounds container. You can see that your grounds look how you intended or if you need to adjust the grind size more. This container holds approximately 4 oz of ground coffee. 

Safety auto lock 

The safety auto lock feature is helpful for any grinder to have. When you’re rushing to finish making coffee in the morning before sitting to get started on work for the day, you’ll want as many fool-proof features in place. 

When you remove the bean hopper from the Infinity base, the auto lock feature engages and it becomes impossible to turn the grinder on. When the bean hopper is placed back on, you will be able to start the grinder. 

Gear reduction motor

The gear reducing motor inside the Capresso Infinity grinder is a helpful feature for a few reasons. Because the burrs function at lower than 450 rpm, the grind accuracy is actually increased. Not only that, but they produce less noise and friction that grinders with faster motors. 

How to Purchase and Use the Infinity Burr Grinder

You can purchase the Capresso Infinity here for $99.99. Along with your purchase from French Press Coffee, you’ll receive excellent customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction or a full refund within 45 days.

When you’re ready to use the Infinity grinder, you’ll need to lock the bean hopper and grounds container in place before you begin. Once you do this, you can replace your desired amount of whole bean coffee into the top of the bean hopper. Place the lid on top, and turn the bean hopper to line up the white notch with the grind setting you wish to try. 

When you’ve landed on the correct setting, twist the timer knob to the time you want. After it’s done, you’ll have delicious, precise coffee grounds waiting for you.

Pros and Cons of the Capresso Infinity 


  • Relatively affordable compared to other burr grinders on the market with similar functions
  • Wide range of most popular grind settings
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Very user friendly


  • You can find other burr grinders with more settings (the Baratza Encore has 40)

Capresso Infinity vs the Capresso Infinity Plus

The Capresso Infinity and Capresso Infinity Plus are similar in everything but weight, appearance, and hold capacity. The grind settings are the same, as well as the low-noise motor. The original Infinity can hold 8.8 ounces of beans in the plastic hopper, while the Infinity plus can hold 11 ounces of beans. What is interesting is that they both hold 4 ounces of grounds though, so there’s no difference there.
The Infinity Plus offers the zinc die-cast housing as well as the Black ABS, while the Infinity is only available in the silver ABS. The Infinity Plus is one pound heavier and about an inch taller than the Capresso Infinity.

Conclusion: The Choice is YoursCapresso Infinity Coffee Grinders

The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is an affordable, high-quality coffee grinder to use at home. It’s easy to use and perfect as an entry level grinder. Whether or not this is your next best purchase is entirely up to you. 

Maybe you want something with more than just 16 grind settings, something like the Baratza Encore or Virtuoso. Or maybe the Capresso Infinity is everything you need for your current budget.

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Comments 1
  • Paul

    The real con to the Capresso line is that they don’t offer the extensive spare parts and do-it-yourself maintenance support that Baratza offers. Every time my Baratza grinder has needed help, the company has sent me a $5 part and a link to the appropriate how-to video. I’ve been able to keep using it for 13 years.

    In contrast, my Mom’s Capresso developed a problem, and Capresso’s only answer is to ship it to them, for out-of-warranty service that may cost more than the thing’s worth.

    I’ve recently upgraded grinders and am going to give her my ancient (but still strong!) Baratza. The Capresso is landfill fodder. Too bad, because when it works it’s a nice grinder and a great value.

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