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Baratza Virtuoso Plus: The Coffee Enthusiast’s Essential Grinder

With countless grinders in the market, the Baratza Virtuoso Plus stands out as a favorite for many coffee enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned barista or just venturing into the world of specialty coffee, the Virtuoso Plus offers a perfect blend of precision and versatility. This grinder not only delivers in terms of performance but also stands out with its M2 cone burr, ensuring a more consistent grind every time. Recognized as a great all-purpose grinder, it's equipped to handle a range of brewing methods, ensuring you're making great tasting coffee.

Baratza Virtuoso Plus

Baratza Virtuoso Plus for Espresso & More: A Barista's Guide to Versatile Brewing

Method Settings Brew Time
Espresso 8 25-30 seconds
Aeropress 12 1-2 minutes
Hario V60 15 2-3 minutes
Automatic Brewer 18 3-5 minutes
Chemex 20 4-6 minutes
French Press 28 4-5 minutes

Espresso: Unlocking Intense Flavors

When it comes to espresso, the grind consistency is paramount. The Baratza Virtuoso Plus shines in this department, offering a smooth and uniform grind ideal for espresso extraction. Begin with the suggested setting of 8 and adjust according to your espresso machine and taste preference. Aim for a brew time of 25-30 seconds. Remember, the goal is to achieve a balance between bitterness and acidity, with a rich crema on top.

Aeropress: Precision Brewing on the Go 

Manual brewing with the Aeropress demands precision, and with the Virtuoso Plus, you can dial in your preferred grind with ease. Start with setting 12 for Aeropress and aim for a brew time of 1-2 minutes. The grinder's consistency ensures that you can replicate your desired brew every single time.

Baratza Virtuoso Plus with Aeropress

Hario V60: Mastery of Pour-Over

For the Hario V60, the grind consistency is crucial for achieving that perfect pour-over. With the Virtuoso Plus, setting 15 is recommended as a starting point. Aim for a brew time of 2-3 minutes. The uniform grinds ensure an even extraction, allowing the coffee's delicate flavors to shine.

Automatic Brewers

These machines, often used for daily brews, can benefit immensely from the right grind size. With the Virtuoso Plus, setting 18 is a great starting point for most automatic brewers. Aim for a brew time that aligns with your machine's specifications, typically around 4-5 minutes for standard drip coffee makers.

Baratza Virtuoso Plus with Automatic Brewers

French Press: Full Immersion Brewing 

For those who love the rich and full-bodied taste of a French Press brew, the Virtuoso Plus has got you covered. With its coarser grind settings, you can get the ideal consistency for full immersion brewing. Starting at setting 28 should give you a great cup. Allow the coffee to steep for 4-5 minutes, but as always, adjust according to your taste preference.

Baratza Virtuoso Plus for French Press Coffee

Durability & Unique Features: Why the Virtuoso Plus is a Top Choice

One of the standout features of the Baratza Virtuoso Plus is its durability. Built with high-quality materials and an emphasis on longevity, many users find that this grinder outlasts others in its category. Moreover, its user-friendly interface, combined with the unique M2 cone burr, ensures an unparalleled brewing experience, making it a popular choice among baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Baratza M2 Cone Burr


With its robust build, precision, and adaptability, the Baratza Virtuoso Plus is truly a gem in the coffee world. Whether you're looking to brew a strong espresso or a smooth cup of drip coffee, this grinder will not disappoint. 

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