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Bodum Pour-Over Instructions


With the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker, you can make a cafe-quality cup of coffee at home without emptying your wallet.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee with Coffee


Pour overs are nothing close to new for the coffee community. In fact, they have been a popular method of brewing coffee for over 100 years and was first discovered by Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz in 1908.

Since then, the pour over coffee brewer has evolved numerous times, and Bodum has become one of the leading makers of this classic yet refined method of brewing. 

One of the first questions that many people have when it comes to the pour over method is-why is it better than a normal drip brewer? 

Bodum Pour Over Coffee

The first and most important reason to choose the pour over coffee maker is for its impeccable taste. When you brew your coffee using a drip brewer, you’re making multiple cups of coffee quickly, and the hot water only touches a portion of the coffee grounds in the process. 

When you use a pour over brewing method, you’re carefully crafting the coffee by hand, and slowly pouring the hot water over all of the coffee grounds, which yields the fullest, boldest experience of the coffee you can have. None of the delicate flavors are lost.

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker not only provides an incredible tasting experience, but it works its magic at an affordable price. You no longer have to spend your monthly savings on your daily cup of craft coffee at your local cafe. 

Bodum PourOver Coffee

The rest of the details may seem small, but they’re crucial to the exceptional Bodum coffee experience.

Bodum Pour Over Filter

For example, many pour over coffee makers require disposable paper filters. This is fine for the taste, but it’s terrible for the environment and your wallet. To solve this problem, Bodum installed a permanent stainless steel filter as part of their pour over brewer. You still get a clean, bold tasting experience without having to repurchase paper filters. 

Bodum Pour Over Filters

You may naturally be wondering-is this easy to clean as other brewers? Especially with the permanent filter? The answer is yes! The Bodum brewer was designed with an easy cleaning experience in mind. 

Adding the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker to your craft coffee collection will change the game for you and your morning routine.


Impeccable taste

Bodum Pour-Over Coffee

This coffee maker provides a clean cup of coffee without sacrificing the boldness and intensity that craft coffee lovers appreciate. The process of slowing down to brew your coffee by hand makes all the difference because you’re able to carefully make sure the hot water touches all of the coffee grounds and that none of the roasting goodness is left behind.

Super affordable

You can’t argue that a craft coffee maker for under $35 is impressive, especially if you consider the fact that you’ll pay around $5-$6 per cup of pour over coffee at a local craft coffee shop. The permanent stainless steel coffee filter also helps the price over time because you aren’t having to purchase paper filters every time.

Aesthetically pleasing

Whether this is your first coffee brewer purchase or another addition to your collection, this brewer looks sharp and pleasing to the eye on any kitchen countertop. Its minimalist appearance works with any type of decor, so you’ll be proud to have it on display when your friends and family come over for coffee.

Easy to clean

Some may worry that a stainless steel mesh filter is hard to clean, especially when you can just toss out paper filters when you’re done. But the entire borosilicate glass carafe and the mesh filter are both dishwasher safe, making it an extremely easy clean up process each time.

Safe for the environment

Bodum Pourover Coffee Makers

The Bodum brewer contains zero plastic, and the use of a mesh filter instead of disposable paper filters helps make this pour over maker a safe and impactful choice for the environment. You’ll be making a difference while sipping on your favorite cup of Joe.

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