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What is the Best French Press to Buy?

What is the Best French Press to Buy?

Finding the best french press to buy is an important step in your coffee journey. Many people get overwhelmed when they’re searching for a french press coffee maker because they want to make sure they choose the best one. 

Things to look for when deciding on the best french press to buy:

  1. Price that works with your budget
  2. The material you prefer: glass, ceramic, etc.
  3. Micro-filtration
  4. Size 

Best French Press Coffee Makers:

  1. Best Stainless Steel French Press - Frieling French Press Coffee Maker - Great for: travel, home 
  2. Best Glass French Press - Espro P5 Coffee Maker - Great for: home
  3. Best Travel Coffee Maker - Aeropress Coffee Maker - Great for: travel
  4. Best Ceramic French Press - Yield Design Co’s Ceramic French Press
  5. Best Budget French Press - Bodum Brazil French Press - Great for: home, travel

For a longer and more detailed list of the best french presses to buy, check out our article on the 12 Best French Press Coffee Makers. 

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