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Clearance | Varia Multi Brewer, 3-in-1 Coffee Maker, Capacity 16 oz (500 ml.) - Brew French Press, Cold Brew, Moka Pot


Perhaps one of the most unique innovations to come from Varia, the Varia Multi Brewer is breaking all the traditional rules of what a coffee brewer can be.

This 3-in-1 brewer will be the new standard of brewing methods moving forward. 

Perfect gift for someone just entering specialty coffee.

Capacity: 16 oz (500 ml.)

$ 79.99
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This may be one of the most exciting and innovative products to come from Varia in a long time. The Varia Multi Brewer is a one-of-a-kind coffee brewer that lets its user choose from multiple methods of brewing wherever they are in the world. Perfect for coffee enthusiasts who like to travel or just enjoy having options in their own kitchen, the Multi Brewer from Varia is reinventing the game of brewing methods. 

The innovation of the Varia brewer lies in its ability to provide multiple types of brewing experiences without sacrificing any precision or quality. Each square inch of the Varia is designed for accuracy and durability for the customer. 

This multi-brewer functions as a french press that can yield hot french press coffee or cold brew, a stove top brewer that acts as a kettle and moka pot system, and a pour over filter brewer. But just because it has multiple uses doesn’t mean Varia has compromised on the brewer’s quality. 

The Varia brewer is made with BPA-free composite materials and high-grade silicone, both of which are trusted, long-lasting materials that deliver a visually appealing and durable brewing method that you can keep in your kitchen or take anywhere. 

Varia Multi Brewer Features:

French press and cold brew

Varia 3-in-1 Coffee Brewer-Server

You can use your Varia as a french press to make bold, hot coffee, or to make refreshingly strong cold brew. The process is incredibly simple and easy for even the most beginner coffee lovers. You can load your coarsely ground coffee into the dosing cap, and then lock in the brewer body by twisting it into place. From there, you pour your water over the grounds. Recipes vary based on cold brew vs french press. When brewing hot coffee, the stainless steel twin wall jug helps regulate the temperature for the best possible brewing outcome. 

Moka pot and Tea kettle

Varia 3-in-1 Coffee Brewer Brew

Another way the Multi Brewer can be used is as a stovetop brewer. The Varia comes with a multi-use boiler attachment that screws onto the bottom of the body. You can use coffee grounds and the 3mm photo etched filters to make a moka pot, tea leaves to brew fresh tea, or just boil water on its own for another type of coffee method. The Varia is also built with a cool touch silicone handle that protects you from burns even when the water is boiling.

Pour over filter coffee

Varia Multi Brewer Filters

And finally, the Varia Multi Brewer acts as a pour over filter brewer. The attachable cone locks into place at the top where you can place a paper or metal filter, depending on your preference. As you gradually pour your hot water over the coffee grounds, your freshly brewed coffee will fall into the stainless steel twin wall body and stay warm throughout the entire process. From there you can remove the filter cap and pour your coffee into your favorite mug.

Easy measuring without a scale

Have you ever been stuck trying to make coffee without a scale? Maybe your battery dies or you accidentally left it at home when you left for vacation. With the volumetric dosing cap feature of the Varia Multi Brewer, you won’t have to worry about needing a scale. This cap includes marked measurements based on volume for those times when you can’t weigh out your coffee grounds. 

You can use it anywhere

Varia 3-in-1 Coffee Brewer for Travel

Not only is the Varia Multi Brewer versatile in function, but it also gives the user versatility in where they can enjoy their coffee! The multi-functional boiler that attaches to the bottom of the brewer can be used with gas, electric, or induction. This means you can bring your brewer anywhere and everywhere. 

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