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Fellow Stagg EKG

Perfecting pour-over coffee.

Fellow Stagg EKG Pro

Perfecting pour-over coffee with a full color screen.

Fellow Corvo EKG

Lightning-fast all-purpose kettle.

Fellow Coffee

Discover Fellow's complete range.

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Fellow Electric Kettle: Elevate Your Brewing Experience

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Fellow Electric Kettle Series

Discover the perfect blend of design and functionality with the Fellow Electric Kettle. Crafted meticulously for coffee aficionados, these kettles ensure a precise and consistent pour, taking your brewing to the next level.

With unique features like temperature control and a balanced gooseneck spout, enjoy an unparalleled brewing experience every time. The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle, a fan favorite, offers rapid heating and a sleek design, perfect for any modern kitchen.

For those who prefer the classic touch, the Fellow Stovetop Kettle boasts a robust design with the precision of the gooseneck spout.

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For a wider range of coffee gear and accessories, dive into our curated Fellow products. Each product is designed to refine and redefine your brewing ritual.

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