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Varia Hand Coffee Grinder - Easy to travel with, Black, Stainless Steel Burrs


Sleek and accurate manual grinder that is perfect to travel with, look no further. 


Varia Hand Coffee Grinder Review

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The Varia Hand Coffee Grinder is the perfect blend of consistency and portability, making it the travel grinder everyone will be ordering. 

The perfect grinder for coffee newbies and experts alike, the Varia Hand Coffee Grinder is an accurate and durable grinder made for both at-home brewing systems and bringing your favorite coffee on the road. The sleek, black aluminum design with a sophisticated wooden handle knob not only creates a beautiful aesthetic, but ensures an effective and practical design as well. 

The Varia hand grinder comes built with 38mm stainless steel burrs. These burrs are extremely durable and long-lasting, and they yield accurate grind sizes every time. Unlike a typical blade grinder, the burrs work to create a consistently even grind throughout, with little to no wasted coffee that falls in between the cracks. 

Another incredible feature of the Varia grinder is its dual bearing fixed driving system. This dual ball bearing mechanism keeps the grinding pieces in place as you grind your coffee and helps stabilize the grinder. This ensures little to no movement throughout the process, which helps increase the quality and accuracy of the wide range of grind sizes that Varia users can choose. 

This wide range of grind sizes includes 24 different sizes, ranging from multiple levels of fine espresso grinds to coarser sizes perfect for french press or cold brew. The accuracy and consistency of the Varia manual grinder is unprecedented, but what about the body itself?

The Varia body holds up to 30 grams of coffee beans, which is enough for about one french press or two shots of espresso. The body of the Varia is also incredibly lightweight at only 490 grams, and it is designed with a non-slip grip for easy and quick grinding. The design of the Varia body also makes it easy to travel with. Not only do you have a lightweight grinder to bring along on any trip, but the sleek handle can detach from the body, and all of the pieces fit snug inside the travel carrying case you get with purchase.

Varia Hand Coffee Grinder Features:

Stainless steel burrs

Anytime you want high levels of accuracy in a grinder, you’re going to want to make sure you find a burr grinder, not a blade one. And if you are wanting a grinder that has the accuracy of a cafe grinder with the ease and price of an at-home grinder, the Varia is a perfect fit. The Varia comes built with 38 mm high nitrogen stainless steel burrs, which are some of the most durable and accurate on the market. These are also low-friction, which helps prevent overheating while grinding. 

Dual ball bearing system

This may sound confusing at first, but this is a key feature of what sets the Varia manual grinder apart from the rest. This grinder contains a dual bearing fixed driving system, which in other words just means that its design keeps everything stabilized. When you are using the hand grinder, all of the parts stay in place, an important component of increasing the quality and precision of the grinding process. 

Lightweight body

This grinder is packed full of amazing features, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by just looking at it. Its body is small and lightweight, making it a perfect travel companion or kitchen addition that takes up zero room. Although it’s lightweight, you can still fit up to 30 grams of coffee in this grinder, so you don’t have to sacrifice how much coffee you can make at once. The body also comes equipped with a non-slip gripping system that helps make the grinding process even easier. 

Versatile range of grind sizes

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty! The Varia Hand Coffee Grinder gives its users up to 24 different grind sizes to choose from every time. Staying at home for the morning with a freshly pulled shot of espresso? You can set the grinder to one of the smaller, finer settings. Heading on a camping trip and packing the french press? You’ll have plenty of coarse grinds to pick from as well. The grind sizes are easily accessed and clearly labeled on the grinder itself.

Easy to travel with

The Varia grinder really is the perfect travel buddy. Not only is it lightweight and small, but it comes apart in all the ways that matter. The beautiful stainless steel and wooden handle easily detaches from the body when you need to take it on the go. And all of these pieces fit beautifully inside the sleek travel case you’ll receive when you order your Varia Hand Coffee Grinder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jim Fay
High quality, great grind, fast

I have another hand coffee grinder that I thought was pretty good. After using the Varia, my mind is changed. The Varia is so much smoother in operation and lots quicker to grind a pile a beans. The Varia has stainless steal burr grinders. My other hand-grinder has ceramic burr grinders. Stainless steel burrs grab the beans and get the job done quickly. Very nice.

Dear Jim! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

Si Yuin Koo
Varia Conical Burr Hand Grinder

Product is of a high quality standard. Easy to use and the grind quality is good( especially for pour over). Satisfied with the product. Recommended.

Dear Si Yuin Koo! Thank you for your feedback. We are appreciate it very much. All the best, FrenchPressCoffee.com

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