The Espro Press Pro Review

Can't live without your French Press Coffee Maker but wish you didn't have to deal with the occasional grit and "mud"?  Solve that problem right now by switching to the Espro Press stainless steel French Press Coffee Maker.

Although the Espro Press and the French Press offer the same brewing process, the Espro Press offers one fantastic exception--a dual filtering system that completely separates brewed coffee from unwanted grinds and grit.

The Espro Press Review

 Taste the Magic of the Espro Press Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Espro Press with FilterEnhanced with a patent-pending,  two-stage microfilter and double-lip seal that prevents coffee grit from sneaking into your coffee, the Espro Press also preserves those freshly brewed aromas and flavors you get from a French Press coffee maker. The innovative double-lip seal stops grit from ambushing your coffee by stopping debris from getting past microfilters, while the filter buffer restrains overextraction following the brewing process. Additionally, double- walled, vacuum insulated technology maintains a steady temperature while brewing your coffee so you get exceptionally flavored coffee every time.

It's Easy to Brew Coffee Using Your Espro Press

All you need to do is follow the same steps you take when making coffee with your French Press Coffee Maker. Just preheat the stainless steel container, add your favorite coffee, water and stir. Wait about four minutes before pressing your coffee and serve. Your coffee will stay nice and toasty in the press for hours after brewing while the outside of the container remains cool to the touch. Even better, the Espro Press strains and filters nearly any alcohol (mint juleps, anyone?) or water-based beverage (cold or hot), which makes this type of coffee press perfect for brewing delicious, loose leaf teas.

Tip: if you plan to brew beverages other than coffee in your double-filtered Espro Press, you might want to use filters for coffee only, filters for tea only and filters for water/alcohol-based drinks only. This will prevent your coffee from having hints of mint julep or your loose leaf tea from confusing your taste buds.

In a Nutshell--8 Great Features of the New Espro Press Coffee Maker

When you purchase the vacuum insulated, stainless steel Espro Press Coffee Maker, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Two patent-pending, BPS and BPA-free filters offering two times the filtering power other coffee makers can't give you
  • A double-lip seal to stop overextraction and grit from sliding past microfilters so you enjoy rich, flavorful coffee
  • Vacuum-insulated double walls to stabilize brewing temperature and keep your coffee hot hours after brewing
  • Durably made (no glass!) so you can take the 18-ounce coffee maker on vacation without worrying about anything breaking
  • Available in four-cup (large) and two-cup (medium) sizes. The 18-ounce, four-cup size Espro Coffee Maker is eight and a half inches tall and four inches in diameter. The 32-ounce, four-cup size Espro is nine and a half inches tall and five inches in diameter.
  • Espro's outer filter gives you 9x the filtering power of a regular French Press Coffee Maker. The inner filter provides 12x the filtering strength of a French Press. That's a whole lot of filtering power!
  • Cost of the 18-ounce Espro is only $99.95. Cost of the 32-ounce is $119.95.
  • This may be the last French Press-style coffee maker you'll ever buy--seriously.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Espro Press

The stainless steel, dual filtration Espro Press Coffee Maker is dishwasher safe (top rack) or you can hand-wash using a bottle brush. To ensure you brew grit-free, superior-tasting coffee every time, you should clean this coffee maker at least once a week. Take the double filtration system completely apart before cleaning to ensure all grit and residue is removed. Because the Espro Press is a bit harder to press down than the French Press, cleaning it frequently and thoroughly will not only give you the smoothest, richest coffee you've ever tasted but will also make it easier to press.

One more thing--your friends will definitely want an Espro Press after taking one sip of coffee brewed by its dual filtration system.

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