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12 Selfish Coffee Gifts to Give Yourself for the Holidays

12 Selfish Coffee Gifts to Give Yourself for the Holidays

Our coffee gift guide for coffee lovers highlights 12 wonderful coffee gift ideas at a range of prices. Whether it's an AeroPress coffee maker, a stovetop espresso maker, a new French press or a hand coffee grinder, we have a list of some of this year's best gifts for coffee lovers. Be inspired, mark off your shopping list and don't be afraid to treat yourself.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

(from $31.95)

With the AeroPress coffee maker, you'll be able to brew strong bold-tasting coffee under the perfect conditions - total immersion, quick filtering and the right temperature. In fact, coffee professionals and serious coffee enthusiasts have made the Aeropress Coffee Press one of the most popular single server coffee makers in the world.


BOTTOM LINE:  Aeropress will give you one to three cups of the richest, most satisfying hot, fresh coffee you'll ever taste within seconds of pressing the plunger. Very Easy to clean too :) 


Award Winning Espro P5 with Thick & Durable Glass Carafe

(from $59.95)

The Espro Press P5 (with Thick & Durable SCHOTT Duran glass) is safer and easier to use than any other french press coffee maker. The patent-pending Safety Lock™ keeps the glass carafe safely inside the stainless steel cage; no slippage while pouring. It  is a cut above the old, option-less, delicate french press models of the past.


BOTTOM LINE: A carafe made from thick German glass; 40 % thicker than other glass presses, along with a patent pending, detachable design makes the Espro glass press safe and easy to clean.


Manual Burr Coffee Grinder - Brazil by CrushGrind®


The secret to CrushGrind's quality is the use of ceramic coffee grinder parts. Just like the old fashioned mortar and pestle, these ceramic parts last for years, making the Brazil coffee grinder the last one you may ever buy. With a minimalistic, sleek design, the grinder and base will add beauty to your coffee bar area, while pairing great looks with excellent performance.


BOTTOM LINE: Perfect coffee grinder for coffee enthusiasts. Allow easily adjust the coarseness of the grounds, from French Press (coarse) ground to Turkish-style coffee (extra-fine).


aerolatte® Café Porcellana Stovetop Espresso Maker 



Reinforced with an enameled aluminum base, the aerolatte® Café Porcellana Stovetop Espresso Maker is suitable for halogen, ceramic, electric and gas stovetops. Each brewed pot gives you four espresso-size servings of bold, invigorating espresso coffee guaranteed to transform any small gathering into a warmly intimate get-together.


BOTTOM LINE:  Cafe Parcelana will add elegance to your kitchen and delightful italian-style espresso to your life. 


Espro Travel Press for Coffee and Tea

(from $39.95)


ESPRO Travel Press also offers a patented filtration system designed to stop extraction as soon as you push the press down. This state-of-the-art innovation lets you to savor a hot, fresh beverage at the very moment the craving hits you.


BOTTOM LINE: Double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel container to keep your coffee fresh and hot. Light yet durable enough to carry anywhere as a Travel mug - the ESPRO Travel Press is a true survivor!


The season of love, light and giving in upon us. While temperatures drop and you scramble around busy shops to find the perfect gifts from your loved ones' wish lists, it's important to remember to take time to smell the coffee, and to treat yourself, too!

What better way than to indulge yourself and your friends and loved ones in coffee lovers gift that will keep you going even when the rush of the holidays ends.


Whether it's wrapping up tight to enjoy the first morning cup with your family around you on Christmas morning, or packing for the long winter days in the office with a freshly brewed mug, or getting together with friends for holiday parties, or warming up when coming in from the chilly outdoors, coffee is a wonderful accompaniment to celebrate the festive season.

Clever Coffee Dripper 

(from $22)


The Clever Dripper set gives you all of the options that you need to create a full brew, with full immersion that is great for single serve coffee. As a completely mobile, lightweight and durable brewing option, the Coffee Dripper is wonderful to take on trips. 


BOTTOM LINE: Easy to brew and clean. You get an affordable way to get a better brew with less trouble overall, and the clean up is also easier. Most importantly, you do not have to be a professional brewer in order to get a great cup of coffee.


aerolatte® Deluxe Edition Milk Frother with Stand

(from $39.99)


Your aerolatte® Deluxe Edition Milk Frother with Stand will work with all grades of milk (fat-free, two percent, whole) using an 18/8 stainless steel whisk to give you the frothiest, most luscious milk you've ever seen (or tasted) in less than 20 seconds.


BOTTOM LINE: Perfect for steam-free espresso and other milk drinks. Makes the frothiest, creamiest most delicious cappucinos, lattes, milkshakes and hot chocolate you've ever tasted -- anywhere!


Handmade Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker by Yield Design Co.

(from $120)


Yield Design Co. has developed a designer Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker that will make any kitchen appear more inviting. Not only does this Coffee Press collectable come in two sizes, but, in two colors. Coffee is an essential part of the day, making this coffee press not just an appliance, but a centerpiece!


BOTTOM LINE: When your family gathers for an after-dinner slice of pie, perfectly complimented with freshly brewed coffee, warmth and laughter will fill your home. While you take the time to make memories, the Yield Coffee Press will add style to the occasion.


Espro P7 Stainless Steel, Insulated Coffee Press

(from $99.95)


The ESPRO Press brews coffee like a French Press with one exception - the micro-filter thoroughly separates the coffee you drink from the grinds you don't want to drink. All you need to do to enjoy deliciously robust, grit-free coffee in three minutes is preheat the ESPRO Press container, add your favorite coffee and water and voila!


BOTTOM LINE: Stainless steel, vacuum-insulated container keeps your coffee hot during and after the brewing process. Durable construction (no glass to worry about breaking) makes it travel-friendly.


DoubleShot French Press Coffee Mug by Planetary Design 

(from $29.99)


The Planetary Design's DoubleShot French Press Mug was designed to serve a range of users, from busy commuters, to campers and everyone on the go. This French Press mug's innovative design allows you to make and take your coffee and tea anywhere, and also includes a built-in storage compartment to brew a second cup.


BOTTOM LINE: All-in-one French press component allows you to brew your beverage in the same mug you carry it in, saving the time and hassle of preparing both a French press and a mug.


AirScape Coffee Storage, Stainless Steel Coffee Canisters by Planetary Design

(from $20.25)

Storing coffee beans in an Airscape coffee canister will extend the life of your beans and keep coffee beans really fresh. These coffee canisters are made from restaurant grade stainless steel which will impart no "off" flavors to your coffee beans.


BOTTOM LINE: Unlike plastic food containers, AirScape Stainless Steel Storage Canister are stain and odor resistant, so you can use them for a variety of items without worrying that flavors will be absorbed into the interior of the coffee storage container.


Forlife Ceramic French Press Coffee Maker

(from $49.99)


Simply made yet exceptionally functional, this ceramic French press coffee/tea maker is available in a variety of complementary colors and comes with a dishwasher-safe, stainless steel coffee plunger perfect for pressing the most savory coffee or tea you've ever tasted.

BOTTOM LINE: Made of high-fired ceramic that works wonderfully well to keep your beverages hot longer, FORLIFE Cafe Style Ceramic carafes also have shock-absorbing, silicone coverings on the bottom to prevent spillage and help retain heat.


These coffee lover gifts are such to be a crowd pleaser this festive season. Whatever you and your family's coffee indulgence is, unwrapping a brand new coffee grinder or French press is sure to delight even the toughest Scrooge. A caffeine related present is the gift that keeps on giving and can be used to enjoy your favorite morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up whether at the home or office all year round. 

Photo credit: David Everett Strickler