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12 Best French Press Coffee Makers Guide

Our experts have prepared this buying guide to recommend some of the best coffee presses in different categories, from stainless steel French Presses to travel coffee presses.
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French Press Coffee Maker Products

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Espro Press P5 - Glass French Press Coffee Maker (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

Coffee Press

AWARDS, NOMINATIONS, REVIEWS: View Espro Press P5 Review here » The nuanced flavors of an Espro coffee press are clearer than a traditional pressed pot of coffee. The Espro can...

From $ 64.95
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Espro Press P3 - Glass French Press Coffee Maker (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

Coffee Press

Espro P3 Unique Feature: Safety Lock™ completely secures the glass carafe inside the cage This new budget-friendly model, the Espro P3, offers many of the same features as their more...

From $ 44.95
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Luxury Handmade Glass Yield Design French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Press

The handmade Yield Design Co. Glass French Press Coffee Maker is available in three colors: clear, gray, and amber. Every color features a beautiful copper pull and a fine mesh stainless...

$ 85.00
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Espro Press P5 - Copper French Press Coffee Maker (EXCLUSIVE: Free Coffee Stir Paddle)

Coffee Press

The Espro P5 Copper French Press includes: Espro P5 Coffee Press in Copper 1 Coffee micro-filters Paper EXCLUSIVE BONUS: 1 Handcrafted Coffee Paddle (KEEP YOUR GLASS, COPPER, CERAMIC, OR STAINLESS...

From $ 89.95
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You’re certain to find something that sparks your interest within our vast collection of French Press coffee maker products. We carry stainless steel French Press coffee makers as well as Travel coffee presses. Our products accommodate various needs—our stainless steel French Press is ideal for keeping coffee warm for a long period of time. A glass French Press is ideal for being able to watch your coffee brew, adding anticipation and excitement to your experience. Our travel coffee press provides a solution for people who are regularly on-the-go. Lastly, our ceramic French press provides a visually appealing, strong substitute for stainless steel or glass, providing a warming functionality and option for you to customize its appearance.

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