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AeroPress Coffee Maker

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Aeropress Coffee Filters and Accessories

The Aeropress coffee maker is one of the most popular coffee brewing devices on the market today. It is lightweight, durable, and extremely portable. Invented by Alan Adler, this brewing method has revolutionized the way people enjoy coffee at home, in their favorite cafe, or while they’re on the road.

If you love an Aeropress cup of coffee, or are curious about learning more, check out our Aeropress Coffee Maker Review.

When you purchase an Aeropress, you’ll receive the device with a pack of 350 paper filters. These filters are a key part of the process, and they work to turn water and coffee grounds into deliciously bold coffee after pressing the plunger.

You can choose from different types of filters, though. The Aeropress comes with paper filters, but you can buy different types of metal filters. The type of filter that you choose makes a big difference in the taste of your morning cup of coffee. 

Aeropress Paper Filters

These filters are made of an environmentally safe quality of paper that is single-use disposable. The paper microfilters that we sell on our site are Aeropress Aerobie brand, and extremely reliable and safe to use.

You can use the paper filters for the standard and inverted method. You can use it by adding a single filter to the filter cap before adding hot water to the ground coffee inside the brew chamber.

When you use a paper Aeropress filter, your coffee comes out bold and smooth. The texture and taste are similar to drip coffee or a darker pour over coffee. 

When you’re brewing coffee with a paper filter, you’ll be able to get rid of some of the coffee oils and grounds that might slip through a metal mesh filter.

Aeropress Metal Filters

The metal filters offer an entirely different taste to Aeropress coffee. Because the holes are slightly larger and more spread out in the mesh, some of the coffee oils and grounds slip through.

This makes coffee that is similar to french press coffee, which is bold, full bodied, and robust. If you prefer your coffee this way, a metal filter might be perfect for you.

We offer a few different types of metal mesh filters on our site:

Able Stainless Steel Aeropress Metal Filter

The Able filter is a metal filter that comes in two sizes: standard or fine. These filters are made to last a lifetime. The “fine” Able filter is about 1⁄3 the thickness of the standard size. 

These filters are made entirely of stainless steel and 100% USA made. You can buy either size filter for just $14.99.

Reusable Aeropress Metal Filter

Aeropress sells reusable metal filters for only $9.99. These come in a standard size, 250 mesh count. 

Fellow Prismo Filter Attachment

The Fellow Prismo is an attachment that replaces the plastic filter cap on your Aeropress. It was designed with a mesh metal filter and pressure valve to recreate the espresso experience without an espresso machine.

The pressure valve produces crema that you’d find on a deliciously pulled espresso shot. The attachment comes with an easy-to-clean metal filter.

You can buy this unique filter accessory for $25.00.

Other Things to Know About the Aeropress

The Aeropress coffee maker is a portable, durable brewing method that allows you to enjoy craft quality coffee from anywhere.

It is affordable as well, at only $29.99. It is made entirely of BPA-free plastic, which makes it lightweight and environmentally friendly. 

It is important to know before you make the purchase that the Aeropress is made to brew one cup of coffee at a time. It is perfect for road trips, business trips, or camping weekends, but it is difficult to share with a handful of people at once.

Purchasing a Filter

No filter is better than the other. It all depends on your personal preferences and the way you enjoy your Aeropress coffee.

If you like smooth coffee with fewer oils, try the paper filters that come with your Aeropress purchase. If you prefer bold, robust coffee with some of the oils left over, try one of the reusable metal filters.

You can’t go wrong with trying them all!