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Choosing between an Lido 3 and a Lido ET? Here's what you should consider

Choosing between an Lido 3 and a Lido ET? Here's what you should consider

Lido manual hand grinders by Orphan Espresso are some of the best and most reliable products on the craft coffee market. They are durable, portable, and give a perfect grind range each and every time. Among the Lido hand grinders are the Lido 3, Lido E, and Lido ET.

Today we will be doing a quick comparison of two of our best selling grinders: the Lido 3 vs the Lido E-T. These products are both amazing, with very little differences between them.

But knowing the slight differences will help you make the best purchasing choice for your craft coffee endeavors.

Features You’ll Find on Both the Lido 3 AND the Lido ET

The size and weight of both manual coffee grinders are almost identical down to the gram and inch. They are both lightweight, which is why they are popular travel companions.

Lido ET vs Lido 3 - What's Best For Me?


The format of each product is also almost exactly the same. You’ll find the folding handle at the top with the opening for beans, then the coffee bean hopper, then the anti static catch jar at the bottom held together by the rubber hopper stopper.

Both the Lido 3 and Lido ET manual grinders are constructed with 48mm swiss made steel burrs for excellent, precise coffee particle size every single time. The bronze bearings of the burrs in both grinders are formatted the same, and the same size.

They work equally hard in both grinders to deliver some of the most accurate grind size among craft coffee grinders. 

Traveling with both of these manual hand grinders is the same as well. Each grinder is exactly the same size, and each one disassembles in the same way.

You’ll find a hex tool, natural bristle cleaning brush, and neoprene zippered travel bag with purchase of either grinder. Each grinder makes for a perfect addition to your travels.

I’ve personally been on road trips and camping overnights with my Lido 3 manual hand grinder, and it’s just so easy. I’ve mainly used it with my Aeropress when I’m camping, but have also taken my French Press with me when I knew I’d be sleeping in a hotel and not a tent!

Notable Differences Between the Lido 3 and Lido ET

At first glance, these two grinders are exactly the same. And to be honest, they truly almost are. Like we mentioned above, they are similar in size, weight, design, portability, and aesthetic.

The most notable difference that truly sets them apart is their function. 

The Lido ET is essentially a hybrid of the Lido 3 and the Lido E (a model released after the Lido 3 without a folding handle).

Although the Lido 3 is impeccable with its large range of grind size and extreme accuracy, it is still known for being a little tricky around the finer espresso settings.

This isn’t an issue for people who drink mostly drip, french press, or cold brew. But for at-home espresso lovers, the Lido 3 can be a bit challenging.

Thus, the Lido ET was born. Again, so much of the grinder is the same as the Lido 3. But there was a big shift made in the size of the “thread pitch.” This basically means that when you manually adjust the grind settings on the ET, the grind size has less movement than the Lido 3.

Lido ET Hand Coffee Grinder

The jump between each setting is much smaller on the ET, giving the user more control over the precision. 

If you have a Lido 3, you can still use it for espresso (as well as drip, french press, etc). And if you have a Lido ET, you can still use it for coarse grinds like french press or drip.

Just know that if you have a Lido 3, espresso grinds will be more challenging, and vice verse with the Lido ET and coarse grinds. 

Another difference to note is the material used in the design. The top of the Lido 3 is made of BPA free plastics, while the ET is made of stainless steel.

Deciding What to Buy: Lido 3 vs Lido ET

By now you may have a pretty good idea of which grinder to buy based on your coffee-making needs. If you have more questions about our products, contact us here. If you’re ready to purchase, you can buy the Lido 3 here and the Lido ET here.

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