Airscape Coffee Canister FAQ


Airscape Coffee Canister FAQ

When you use the Airscape Coffee Canister by Planetary Design, the last few coffee beans used from the container will be as fresh as the first ones that you used, thanks to the amazing technology of the designers. The Airscape coffee canister holds up to 64 ounces by volume. It is 7 inches tall with a 4 1/2 inch circumference.

  • Small (32 fl oz) holds 1/2 lb whole bean coffee
  • Large (64 fl oz) holds 1 lb of whole bean coffee

Yes. Just Leave the handle in the upright position and the one way valve will remain open allowing the CO2 to vent out as it is offgassed (NOTE: Beans only release significant CO2 amounts for a brief time immediately after roasting (usually first 2-3 hours). Once CO2 venting finished please lock the handle to preserve your coffee beans).

  • Small: 32 fl oz: 4¾” Base, 4” High
  • Large: 64 fl oz4¾” Base, 7” High

Yes, which makes it very air tight. With the lever lock lid, when you move it down, it will expel all air (helps to keep your coffee fresh). Airscape Coffee Storage also great for various grains, brown sugar and etc., 

No. Instead it removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavor of you coffee or anything else you want to store. So it limits the amount of air that can react with the coffee (prevents Oxidation), but doesn't create or maintain a vacuum.

Yes you can. But for freshest coffee, grind your own right before you brew and keep the coffee beans in Airscape coffee canister. 

Yes you can stuck Airscape Coffee Containers on top of the other.

Yes you can (on top shelf of the dishwasher). But we highly recommend hand-washing to prolong the life of your product. The Airscape® inner lid should always be gently hand-washed and let thoroughly air-dry.

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  • Yuki Taga
    Yuki Taga

    If the valve is indeed one-way, why is it necessary to close the valve after CO2 has been vented? It seems to me that if the valve is indeed one-way, gas can only escape, but not enter. However, that would mean that there would be extreme difficult in removing the inner lid, as no air would be allowed to enter the valve, meaning there would be a partial vacuum inside as you pull the lid up, and air pressure outside would mean that pull would be very difficult. So I’m skeptical, or at least need more information, about the “one-way” aspect of the valve.

    Thinking to use this for home-roasted beans, but definitely need this explained better, first.

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