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Healthy Coffee Hack - Cinnamon Spiced Coffee Recipe


Instead of feeling guilty after eating a cinnamon bun for breakfast, why not have a steaming cup of cinnamon flavored coffee instead? It's all-natural, easy to make and satisfies your craving for something sweet in the morning.

Unlike flavored coffees you buy, this homemade cinnamon spiced coffee recipe contains no chemical or additives (healthier coffee) and won't abuse your taste buds with that artificial, preflavored coffee taste.

Here's how to make cinnamon spiced coffee:

  • Add your favorite coffee beans to your coffee grinder hopper
  • Take one cinnamon stick and break it up into small pieces (larger pieces may not grind well in your burr grinder)
  • Grind the cinnamon stick and coffee beans
  • You're done!

Another reason to make your own cinnamon flavored coffee is that preflavored coffees use cheaper coffee beans that get overwhelmed by the artificial cinnamon. Also, did you know that cinnamon sticks are really organic? They begin as tree bark found on Sri Lankan trees belonging to the Cinnamomum family of trees. During harvest, the tree's inner bark is pulled away in strips and dried. As it dries, the cinnamon bark shrinks and curls until they become the cinnamon sticks we know and love.

You can't get any more all-natural than that! Shop Coffee Beans »

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  • Igor Dernov
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