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Free Coffee Wooden Spoon with every order of $25 or more


Free Coffee Wooden SpoonCurrently, with every order of $25 or more, we are giving all of our clients a lovely Wooden Coffee Spoon ($5.99 value). Say goodbye to the annoying "ting, ting" of a metal spoon against your coffee cup with this wooden coffee spoon. These spoons are made with one of a kind Rosewood construction, and they won't crack, scratch, or chip your fine French Press Coffee Maker or lovely China coffee cups.

Those who order their specialty coffee online have discriminating tastes. Only the best will do for them, and sipping a hot, rich cup of coffee is more than just a way to wake up in the morning. For these coffee connoisseurs, drinking gourmet coffee is meant to be "an experience."

When you savor your coffee, every component of the experience is considered. From the comfy armchair in which you snuggle, to the favorite cup that no one else is allowed to touch, everything is pre-planned to make that cup of coffee a moment for yourself.

Here at we understand how much the "little things" can add to your coffee drinking experience. That is why we are offering a special gift that will only accentuate your enjoyment of your gourmet coffee.

Complete your order today for $25 or more to get this free gift from

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  • Igor Dernov
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