10 Reasons to Switch to a French Press for Coffee


Still dealing with an electricity hogging, inelegant and messy coffee maker? Make the switch to a French Press and you’ll never look back. French Press Coffee tastes better, is easier to prepare and won’t add a dime to your electric bill. Still not convinced? Read on for some great reasons to make the switch to a French press today:

1. Your coffee will taste better: When you make coffee in a French press, you are introducing the boiling water directly to the beans--no need to wait for it to filter through a little at a time. The hotter the water, the better the finished brew will be.

2. Make exactly the amount you need: Single cup coffee makers are a popular concept, but what happens when you want to make coffee for two--or a jumbo to-go cup for yourself? You have to keep brewing single cups. When you use a French press, it is easy to make a single cup or multiple cups at a time, simply by adjusting the water and coffee amounts.

3. Skip the acid: If you have acid reflux or are prone to stomach pains after drinking coffee, chances are your hot-brewed cup is just too acidic for you. Cold brew your coffee in a French press instead. Cold brewed coffee is much lower in acid, and won’t upset your stomach the way traditionally brewed coffee can.

4. Make a cup of tea: You can’t make a cup of tea using a traditional coffee maker--the resulting brew will be terribly bitter, since the leaves will steep too long. Tea can be made in a French Press Coffee Maker in three minutes or less, for a flavorful cup without a hint of bitterness. 

5. Cut your electric bill: Even something as small as a coffee maker can increase your electric bill. Leave the maker plugged in around the clock and it will constantly drain electricity, just like a dripping faucet.

6. Go green: Using an electricity-free tool to prepare your daily coffee is green--but doing away with paper filters and packaging is even greener. A French press doesn’t require a paper filter or pod to make great coffee.

7. Use less coffee: Since the water can circulate fully around the ground coffee, you’ll need to use less of it to get a robust cup each morning.

8. Create less waste: You find that just brewing the amount you need instead of a whole pot means you are wasting a lot less coffee. How many times have you had to pour coffee down the drain because you prepared more than you need? A Thanks to the French press’s petite size, you won’t have as much waste.

9. Don’t panic: Caffeine addicted? You won’t have to panic if your electricity goes out--just boil water on the grill and make coffee in your French press. No grill? Make a cold brewed pot and enjoy iced coffee instead. 

10. Get crafty: You can use a French Press to tea dye textiles--just prepare the tea as usual and immerse small amounts of cotton cloth. Remove when the cloth is the color you like and use as desired. Try doing something so crafty with an electric coffee pot and you’ll end up with a huge mess on your hands!

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  • Igor Dernov
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